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R-R-0071 D-Sphingosine CAS: 123-78-4 D-erythro-Sphingosine/D-Sphingosine synthetic/D-Sphingosine is an endogenous component of sphingolipids that exhibits antibacterial activity against many gram positive and gram negative bacteria such as Escherichia, Staphylococcus, and Corynebacterium. D-Sphingosine also inhibits PKC. price>
R-XASYS-00082 Imidazole Ketone Erastin,cas:1801530-11-9 Imidazole ketone erastin(C35H35ClN6O5,655.1) is an inducer of ferroptosis.It inhibits glutamate release in human CCF-STTG1 astrocytoma cells (IC50 = 30 nM), indicating inhibition of the system xc- cystine/glutamate transporter.Imidazole ketone erastin increases production of lipid reactive oxygen species (ROS) in SUDHL6 diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cells in a concentration-dependent manner, as well as reduces glutathione (GSH) levels in these cells (IC50 = 34 nM)Imidazole ketone erastin is an inducer of ferroptosis.levels in these cells (IC50 = 34 nM) price>
R-R-0145 Biotin-oxaliplatin Biotin-oxaliplatin refers to the compound formed by conjugating the chemotherapy drug oxaliplatin with the vitamin biotin. Biotin-oxaliplatin can serve as a tool for studying drug interactions and mechanisms of action. By labeling oxaliplatin with biotin, researchers can track the cellular uptake, distribution, and intracellular localization of the drug using various biotin-avidin-based techniques like fluorescence imaging or immunoassays. price>
R-M-416 Celastrol(CAS:34157-83-0) Celastrol(CAS:34157-83-0)/Tripterin is an effective proteasome inhibitor, which can induce cancer cell apoptosis by inhibiting proteasome activity. It has strong anti-oxidation, anti - cancer, neovascularization and anti-rheumatoid effect. price>
R-C-433 ABT-888 ABT-888 is an effective inhibitor of PARP.It has good oral bioavailability,can cross the blood-brain barrier,and can enhance temozolomide,platinum, cyclophosphamide and radiation.This broad spectrum of chemical and radioenhancement makes this compound an attractive candidate for clinical evaluation. price>
R-C-446 Marbofloxacin Marbofloxacin is a potent antibiotic inhibiting bacterial DNA replication. price>
R-C-447 Moxifloxacin Moxifloxacin(BAY12-8039)is a fourth-generation synthetic fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent.Moxifloxacin is an orally active 8-methoxyquinolone antimicrobial for use in the treatment of acute bacterial sinusitis,acute bacterial exacerbations of chronic bronchitis,and community-acquired pneumonia. price>
R-C-449 Rucaparib (AG-014699) phosphate cas:459868-92-9 Rucaparib(AG-014699,PF-01367338)is an inhibitor of PARP with Ki of 1.4 nM for PARP1 in a cell-free assay,also showing binding affinity to eight other PARP domains. price>
R-C-501 KU55933 cas:587871-26-9 KU-55933 (ATM Kinase Inhibitor) is a potent and specific ATM inhibitor with IC50/Ki of 12.9 nM/2.2 nM in cell-free assays,and is highly selective for ATM as compared to DNA-PK,PI3K/PI4K,ATR and mTOR.KU55933 (ATM Kinase Inhibitor) inhibits the activation of autophagy initiating kinase ULK1 and results in a significant decrease of autophagy. price>
R-C-512 Pyroxamide cas:382180-17-8 Pyroxamide is a potent inhibitor of histone deacetylase 1(HDAC1) with an ID50 of 100 nM.Pyroxamide can in duce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in leukemia. price>