• Pesticide metabolite

    Pesticide metabolism can be classified into animal, plant and microbial metabolism according to biological objects. According to the metabolic process, it is divided into primary metabolism and secondary metabolism.

  • OLED & PLED Materials

    The organic light-emitting diode(OLED)is a high-performance optoelectronic device consisting of charge transport and emissive organic layers.Upon applied voltage, the dual carrier injection system of the OLED supplies both electrons and holes to the electroluminescent material between two electrodes,resulting in its characteristic electroluminescent light with specific color and device performance,depending on the organic materials employed in the device.

  • fluorescent-dyes synthesis customization

    Ruixibiotech provides high quality fluorescent-dyes, purity:95%+ Such as dir iodide (dark red fluorescence), did (red fluorescence), etc

  • Block-copolymer Synthetic customization

    Copolymer synthesis customization,including PLGA,PLL,PCL,PGA,PLA,etc.

  • synthesis and customization of Enzyme

    Ruixibiotech provides a variety of synthesis and customization of Enzyme, such as papain. It was used in cell culture experiment.

  • Customized synthesis of other

    Our company can provide customized synthesis of other.The scientists of our group all come from the outstanding university of China, who have strong academic background in chemistry, biology and nanotechnology. The quality of our products is strictly control druing the preparation. In the furture, we will keep on develop new products of high-tech.

  • Tumor drug synthesis customization

    Our company can provide a variety of tumor drug synthesis customized. Such as anlotinib.

  • Synthesis and customization-PEG derivatives

    Ruixibiotech provides a variety of synthesis and customization of PEG derivatives, such as mPEG44-PGA100-g-PEI(90%)-g-dexamethasone (10%), mPEG44-PGA100-g-PEI(80%)-g-dexamethasone (20%) etc.

  • Macrocyclic ligand compounds-Custom synthesis

    Ruixibiotech provides a variety of synthesis and customization of Macrocyclic ligand compounds, such as 4-Aminobutyl-DOTA-tris (t-butyl ester) etc.

  • Nano drug delivery customization

    Ruixibio can provide 2D nanomaterials,including graphene,topological insulator, transition metal sulfides(TMDs),transition metal carbides and nitrides(mxenes), bismuth alkenes Intelligent black phosphorus hydrogel nanomaterials,Shi Moxi, perovskite two dimensional materials,molybdenum disulfide(MoS2),two tungsten sulfide(WS2),black phosphorus nano materials,graphene,C3N4 nanosheets.

  • Phospholipid synthesis customization

    All the phospholipids provided by Ruixibio can be customized, such as phosphatidylcholine(PC),phosphatidylethanolamine(PE),phosphatidylglycerol(PG), phosphatidic acid(PA),PEGylation(pe-peg),and special customization can also be provided.

  • Isotope Marker-Custom Synthesis

    Isotope markers such as 13C isotope compounds macromolecular biological reagents, macromolecular protein nuclear magnetic reagents, etc.