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R-R-1670 9-Methoxycamptothecin CAS No.39026-92-1 9-Methoxycamptothecin (MCPT)/CAS No.39026-92-1, isolated from Camptotheca acuminata, has antitumor activities through topoisomerase inhibition. 9-Methoxycamptothecin (MCPT) induces strong G2/M arrest and apoptosis in cancer. price>
R-M-383 erythrocyte membrance erythrocyte membrance can be used as nano drug carrier to encapsulate many kinds of drugs. For example, hollow Prussian blue nanoparticles (hmpb) encapsulated in red blood cell membrane are used as drug carriers; Adriamycin encapsulated in red blood cell membrane is used as anti-tumor drug; natural red blood cell membrane encapsulated antibody nanoparticles are used for antibody drug delivery. price>
R-M-387 Photochlor(HPPH) Photochlor(HPPH) is a chlorin that acts as a photosensitizer in photodynamic therapy (PDT) when stimulated with light at 655 nm.When administered systemically,HPPH accumulates in tumor cells and, when stimulated with light in the presence of oxygen,reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated,leading to necrosis within the tumor.HPPH can be used in photosensor,ROS generation. price>
R-C-885 45%PC,30%PE,10%Cholesterol,10%PS,5%PI Blank liposome100NM Ruixibio can provide synthetic phospholipids,popular cancer raw materials, macrocyclic ligands,fluorescent quantum dots,hyaluronic acid derivatives, graphene or graphene oxide,carbon nanotubes,fullerenes,silica and mesoporous silica,polymer microspheres,near-infrared fluorescent dyes,polystyrene microspheres,up conversion nanoparticles,MRI products,fluorescent proteins and other products Fluorescent probes and so on.We can also offer special customized products. price>