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  • Phospholipids

    PC,PE,PG,PA,PEGylation Lipids and Cationic Lipids

  • PEG Derivatives


  • Block copolymer


  • Gold Nanoparticles

    Spherical gold,PEGylated gold, Streptavidin-Au,Gold Nanorods-PEG

  • Fe3O4 Nanoparticles


  • Fluorescent dyes

    CY3,CY5,CY7-NHS,MAL,NH2,COOH,BSA,Streptavidin,Con A,HAS,Avidin

  • Silica Microspheres

    Amine,Streptavidin,NHS,Fluorescent Silica Particles and mesoporous silica

  • PS Microspheres

    amine,Carboxylic,Fluorescent,Streptavidin-polystyrene Microspheres

  • PEOz Derivatives

    PEOz is a long chain polymer with good water solubility, flexibility and biocompatibility. PEOz is sensitive to PH. PEOz in the tumor tissue of the acidic environment to liposomes or micelles rapid release of drug, can inhibit protein adsorption, play long circulating action.

  • Luminescent nanoparticles

    The nanoparticles have a covalently bonded nucleus with the luminescent group, and the luminescent nanoparticles provide improved light stability, thermal stability and emission properties compared to the luminescent materials derived from the luminescent group.

  • Synthetic chemistry

    We will keep on develop new Synthetic chemistry products of high-tech

  • Nanoparticles

    Nano particles,also known as nano dust, nano dust,refers to nano scale micro particles.It is defined as particles smaller than 100 nanometers in at least one dimension.

  • Peptide

    Peptide is a compound of α - amino acids linked together by peptide bond,our company can provide drug peptides, amyloid peptides, antimicrobial peptides, cancer research peptides, cell permeable peptides, antibiotic peptides, RGD Peptides and other products. Our technical strength of this kind of products is that we can modify and modify peptides, such as providing fluorescent labeled peptides, peptide coupled polymers, peptide coupled small molecules, peptide modified inorganic products and so on.

  • APIs

    Inhibitors are also called retarders.A substance that retards or reduces the rate of a chemical reaction has the same effect as a negative catalyst.It does not stop the polymerization,it just slows it down.A substance that inhibits or moderates a chemical reaction.It has many kinds and wide application.

  • Custom Synthesis

    We can provide a variety of complex custom products

  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates

    Pharmaceutical Intermediates refer to intermediate compounds that are required in the process of synthesizing drugs, but are not the final drugs.These compounds are typically used at different stages of drug production as intermediate products in key steps of drug synthesis.

  • Aerogel composite

    Aerogel is a kind of nano porous solid material formed by the sol gel method, in which the liquid phase in the gel is replaced by gas by a certain drying method. There are many kinds of aerogels, including silicon, carbon, sulfur, metal oxide, metal and so on. The application of aerogel gel Aerogel shows excellent performance in the fields of heat, electricity, optics, acoustics, adsorption and catalysis, which makes it have broad application prospects in aerospace, building energy conservation, chemical industry, electronic and electrical engineering, biomedicine and other fields.