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R-M-351 DLin-MC3-DMA,cas:1224606-06-7 Dlin-MC3-DMA also known as MC3, is one of the most utilized cationic lipids that is used for making Lipid Nano-Particles (LNPs). These lipids, can form nanoparticles that can encapsulate and deliver siRNA, mRNA, DNA or small molecules into the cytoplasm and represent the most advanced delivery platforms for systemic administration of active molecules. price>
R-M-379 PLGA nanoparticles (100-200nm) PLGA nanoparticles (100-200nm),Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles (100-200nm) from ruixi.Nanoparticles can be used as permanent magnet materials,magnetic recording materials and magnetic fluid materials.They can also be used as targeted drugs of drug carriers.They can also be used as infrared absorption materials.For example,Cr alloy nanoparticles have good infrared absorption.Because of the volume effect and surface effect of nano particles,not only the melting point of nano particles is reduced,but also the phase transition temperature is reduced.Solid state reaction can be carried out at low temperature,so the composite materials with good sintering performance can be obtained. price>
R-M-396 AuNRs-PEG5k-COOH(LSPR:803nm) Gold nanorods have special surface plasmon resonance characteristics, which have horizontal and longitudinal SPR peaks. The longitudinal SPR peak position (from visible region to near infrared region) depends on the aspect ratio of gold nanorods. The gold nanorod can be used for deep subcutaneous imaging and photothermal therapy. price>
R-C-849 BSA-AuNCs At the excitation wavelength of 670nm and 520nm,aubsca-525 shows good emission. When FITC is used as a reference fluorophore,FITC/BSA auncs show good linear response in the temperature range of 1-71℃,and provide temperature independent spectral shift,temperature accuracy,activation energy and reusability.The high temperature induced fluorescence quenching of FITC/BSA auncs may be due to the weakening of Au-S bond,which reduces the charge transfer from BSA to auncs. price>