Catalog name Description price
R-L-124 Isopropyl-d7-amine Hydrochloride Isopropyl-d7-amine Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride analogue of Isopropyl-d7-amine, which may act as a potential protease inhibitor but also takes part in numerous organic chemical reactions such as amide synthesis. price>
R-L-140 Methanol-13C,CAS:14742-26-8 Methanol-13C from ruixi.Labeling methanol with isotope C13 for the detection and analysis of methanol. price>
R-M-392 (1-13C)Acetic acid (1-13C) acetic acid is an isotope labeled analogue.Acetic acid can be used to make cellulose acetate and polyvinyl acetate in wood adhesives needed for film production, as well as many synthetic fibers and fabrics. price>