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R-M-300 Papain Papain is a kind of proteolytic enzyme.It was used in cell culture experiment. In immunology, papain can be used to cleave Fc fragment (crystallizable) and Fab fragment (antigen binding) of immunoglobulin (antibody). price>
R-M-382 Glucose oxidase (God)-luminol modified apoferritin Glucose oxidase (God) - luminol modified apoferritin is a kind of desferritin compound modified by glucose oxidase and luminol.Glucose oxidase is an aerobic dehydrogenase that oxidizes and decomposes glucose to produce gluconic acid,it has the function of acidifier.Luminol, the chemical name is 3-amino-benzoylhydrazide. Luminol is widely used in bioengineering, chemical tracing, chemiluminescence immunoassay and other fields. In biology, luminol is used to detect the presence of copper, iron and cyanide in cells. price>
R-M-399 TRAP Tartrate resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) is an enzyme expressed by osteoclasts, inflammatory macrophages and dendritic cells. It is also a good marker of bone resorption and osteoclast activity.TRAP can degrade bone phosphoprotein including osteopontin (OPN), which is the same as the T cell factor eta-1. price>