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R-C-6556 CsPbCl3 CAS:15203-83-5 Cesium Lead Chloride,Sodium lead chloride crystal (CsPbCl3)is an optical material that has received much attention in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.CsPbCl3 crystal is also a type of perovskite structure material.Compared with other similar perovskite materials such as CsPbBr3 or CsPbI3,its luminescent and electrical properties may differ.This crystal has potential application value in solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs),and optoelectronic devices due to its excellent optical properties and relatively easy preparation methods. price>
R-C-6557 FaPbCl3 CAS:1488421-59-5 CH(NH2)2PbCl3,Perovskite FAPbCl3,FAPbCl3(Formamidinium Lead Chloride)is an important photovoltaic material belonging to the perovskite structure compound.FAPbCl3 solid is a material with potential optoelectronic applications,mainly used in devices such as solar cells.Compared with other perovskite materials,FAPbCl3 is to some extent more stable,which is of great significance for the long-term stability of the material and the stability of device performance. price>
R-C-6558 Cs2ZrxSnyCl6:Te Perovskite microcrystal Cs2ZrxSnyCl6:Te is a microcrystalline material with a perovskite structure,composed of elements such as cesium(Cs),zirconium(Zr),tin(Sn),chlorine(Cl),tellurium (Te),etc.Tellurium is commonly used to regulate the electrical and optoelectronic properties of materials. price>
R-C-6559 Methylamine lead iodine perovskite spin coating solution Methylamine lead iodine perovskite spin coating solution is a solution used for preparing perovskite solar cells, which contains elements such as methylamine(MA),lead(Pb),iodine(I),etc.This spin coating solution is commonly used for coating on conductive substrates to prepare photovoltaic devices. price>
R-C-6560 Methylamine iodine Methylamine iodide,often referred to as methylammonium iodide (CH₃NH₃I or MAI),is an important compound in the field of perovskite solar cells.It serves as the organic component in methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI₃)perovskites. price>
R-C-6561 di-phenylethylammonium lead(II) tetrabromide CAS:131457-16-4 di-phenylethylammonium lead(II)tetrabromide can be used in the field of solar cells and photovoltaic devices as a precursor material for the synthesis of lead halide perovskite thin films,which have shown promising efficiency in solar energy conversion.di-phenylethylammonium lead(II)tetrabromide based perovskite materials have been studied for their potential in optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs),lasers and photodetectors. price>
R-C-6562 Formamidinium Lead Chloride lodide CAS:1616115-25-3 CH(NH2)2PbICI2,Formamidinium Lead Chlorine lodide is a modified perovskite material commonly used in optoelectronic devices.Formamidinium Lead Chlorine lodide can withstand environmental factors such as temperature and humidity,and is less prone to degradation and damage. price>
R-C-6563 PhPAI CAS:2673196-34-2 Phenylpropylammonium Iodide can be used for the iodization reaction of aromatic compounds or as a protective group for amines.Phenylpropyl iodide is used as a research material,especially in the preparation of perovskite precursors. price>
R-C-6564 FaPbI3 CAS:1451592-07-6 FaPbI3 is a specific type of calcium oxide structure commonly used in the preparation of photovoltaic cells.In this structure,the cation position in the calcium oxide lattice is replaced by a hopping group,while the bright ion position is filled with iodine ions FaPbI3 exhibits excellent optoelectronic properties, including high light absorption coefficient,long electron lifetime,and high carrier mobility. price>
R-C-6565 MAPbBr3 CAS:69276-13-7 Perovskite CH3NH3PbBr3,MAPbBr3 powder is a commonly used material in perovskite solar cells, where MA represents methylamine,Pb represents lead,and Br represents bromine.This type of powder is commonly used to prepare a light absorbing layer for perovskite solar cells.Due to its excellent photoelectric conversion performance,MAPbBr3 has attracted much attention in the field of solar cells. price>