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R-R-0001 PPS-PEG-PPS-NH2 Polyphenylene sulfide-polyethylene glycol-polyphenylene sulfide-amino, PPS-PEG-PPS-NH2,NH2-PPS-PEG-PPS from Ruixi. Polyphenylene sulfide is a new type of high-performance thermoplastic resin. Polyethylene glycol is a high molecular polymer with good water solubility and good compatibility with many organic components. PPS-PEG-PPS-NH2 is a hetero-functional peg derivatives.Ruixi Biotech provides high-quality and diverse PEG derivatives. We can provide both macromolecular PEG derivatives and small molecular derivatives,such as 1000,2000,3400 and so on. We can also customize some products through the information you provide. price>
R-R-0011 PDMS-b-PEO Poly(dimethylsiloxane)-b-poly(ethylene oxide)/pdms-b-peo. Short-chain poly(dimethylsiloxane)-poly(ethylene oxide) (PDMS-b-PEO) diblock copolymers with different ratios of the hydrophilic to hydrophobic segments were synthesized via coupling of end-functionalized PDMS and PEO homopolymers. Their aggregation behavior was investigated by tensiometry, fluorescence, and cryogenic transmission electron microscopy. Interestingly, the critical aggregation concentration of the surfactants increased with increasing length of the hydrophobic chain. The electron microscopy studies showed that the surfactants preferentially aggregate into vesicles and lamellar structures. price>
R-L-045 PEDOT:PSS PEDOT:PSS (or Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) polystyrene sulfonate) is a transparent conductive polymer consisting of a mixture of the ionomers poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and polystyrene sulfonate. Due to its unique combination of conductivity, transparency, ductility, and ease of processing, PEDOT:PSS has become a benchmark material in thin-film electronic fabrication. price>
R-M-348 PMOXA8-PDMS33-PMOXA8 Poly (2 -methylOxazoline)8-polydimethylsiloxane33-Poly(2-methylOxazoline)8,PMOXA8-PDMS33-PMOXA8 from ruixi.Poly (2 -methylOxazoline)8-polydimethylsiloxane33-Poly (2-methylOxazoline)8(PMOXA8-PDMS33-PMOXA8) water-soluble nanotubes,in which the hydrophobic PDMS constitutes the wall of the nanotubes (i.e.the core of micelles),and the inner and outer surfaces of the wall (i.e.the shell of micelles) are composed of hydrophilic pmoxa It has good stability in water. price>
R-M-349 PMOXA6-PDMS33-PMOXA6 PMOXA6-PDMS33-PMOXA6,Poly (2 -methylOxazoline)6-polydimethylsiloxane33-Poly (2-methylOxazoline)6 from ruixi.PMOXA6-PDMS33-PMOXA6,Poly (2 -methylOxazoline)6-polydimethylsiloxane33-Poly (2-methylOxazoline)6 water-soluble nanotubes,in which the hydrophobic PDMS constitutes the wall of the nanotubes (i.e.the core of micelles),and the inner and outer surfaces of the wall (i.e.the shell of micelles) are composed of hydrophilic pmoxa.It has good stability in water. price>
R-C-772 PEO2200-b-PS10000 Poly(ethylene oxide)(PEO)has good hydrophilicity.A series of polymer dispersants can be prepared by block copolymerization,graft copolymerization or random copolymerization.By adjusting the proportion of oleophilic blocks,the adsorption stability between oleophilic blocks and particles can be enhanced,and the stability of suspension polymerization process can be effectively improved. price>
R-C-773 PLL5k-g-PEG5k-MAL Poly(L-lysine)-g-poly (ethylene glycol)-maleimide is produced by Ruixi bio. Poly(L-lysine)-g-poly (ethylene glycol)-maleimide is linked with poly(ethylene glycol),and the other end of poly(ethylene glycol)is modified with maleimide.We can provide more customized products. price>
R-C-794 PLL4300-PEG2000-modified Gold Nanoparticles(5nm) Gold nanoparticles:they have good chemical inertness.Gold is one of the first metals found in history.Gold nanoparticles are also widely studied in Inorganic Chemistry and nanomaterials. price>
R-C-815 PLGA5000-PEG5000-DOTA-FA Poly(lactic co glycolic acid)(PLGA)is a kind of degradable functional polymer, which is randomly polymerized by two monomers,lactic acid and glycolic acid.It has good biocompatibility,non toxicity,and good properties of encapsulation and film formation. price>
R-C-820 PLA4k-PHis4k-hyd-PEG4k Ruixibio sells research products related to nano targeted drug delivery systems, including synthetic phospholipids,polyethylene glycol derivatives,block copolymers,gold nanoparticles,magnetic nanoparticles and fluorescent dyes. price>