Catalog name Description price
R-C-581 LY2940680 cas:1258861-20-9 Taladegib(LY2940680)binds to the Smoothened(Smo)receptor and potently inhibits Hedgehog(Hh)signaling.  price>
R-C-732 Wnt-C59 (C59) CAS No. 1243243-89-1 Wnt-C59 is a very potent and highly selective Wnt signaling antagonist with an IC50 ~ 74 pM in the Wnt signaling reporter assay. price>
R-C-737 FLI-06 CAS No. 313967-18-9 FLI-06 is a Notch inhibitor and the early secretory pathway inhibitor.FLI-06 disrupts the Golgi apparatus in a manner distinct from that of brefeldin A and golgicide A. price>
R-C-987 FH535 cas:108409-83-2 FH535 is an inhibitor of β-catenin/Tcf-mediated transcription and an antagonist of ligand-dependent activation of PPARγ and PPARδ.1 At 15 µM,FH535 blocks the recruitment of β-catenin and GRIP1 to PPARγ and PPARδ.1 Presumably through these actions,FH535 is selectively toxic to some carcinoma cell lines expressing the Wnt/β-catenin pathway.1 FH535 is used to study the role of Wnt/β-catenin pathway in various cancer cell lines. price>
R-C-991 FG4592 CAS No. 808118-40-3 The hypoxia-inducible factor(HIF)pathway alters gene expression in response to low oxygen tension.Under normoxic conditions,HIF-specific prolyl hydroxylases (HIF-PHs)initiate the degradation of oxygen-sensitive HIF isoforms.As 2-oxoglutarate(2-OG)is a required co-factor for HIF-PH activity,analogs of 2-OG may inhibit HIF-PH and prevent HIF turnover.1 FG-4592 is an analog of 2-OG that has been developed as an inhibitor of HIF-PHs.While little has been published regarding the actions of this compound,similar HIF-PH inhibitors suppress HIF degradation and in this way induce erythropoietin expression,promoting erythropoiesis or preventing anemia in vivo. price>
R-C-1020 Purmorphamine CAS No. 483367-10-8 Purmorphamine is a small molecule Hh agonist,it directly binds to and activates the 7-transmembrane Smo receptor of the Hedgehog signaling pathway.Hedgehog agonist purmorphamine most significantly increased the neuronal differentiation of a human striatal NSC line (STROC05).Purmorphamine up-regulated gene expression of the mediators of Hh pathway,SMO,PTCH1,GLI1,and GLI2.The activation of Hh pathway by purmorphamine increased the expression of several genes. Purmorphamine triggers Hh signaling pathway in hMSCs,inducing an increase in the expression of a set of genes involved in the osteoblast differentiation program. The EC50 value for differentiation of C3H10T1/2 cells based on alkaline phosphatase expression is 1 µM. price>
R-C-1066 JW55 CAS:664993-53-7 JW 55 efficacy causes stabilization of Axin2.JW 55 also decreases canonical Wnt signaling in SW480 and HCT-15 colon carcinoma cell lines.Inhibitor of the PARP domain of tankyrase 1 and 2(TNKS1/2).JW 55 inhibits the β-catenin signaling pathway.It Also shown to decrease canonical Wnt signaling in SW480 and HCT-15 colon carcinoma cell lines;JW 55 reduces cell cycle progression and proliferation in SW480 cells in vitro. price>
R-C-1209 IWR-1-endo CAS:1127442-82-3 IWR-1-endo(endo-IWR 1)is a Wnt pathway inhibitor with IC50 of 180 nM in L-cells expressing Wnt3A,induces Axin2 protein levels and promotes β-catenin phosphorylation by stabilizing Axin-scaffolded destruction complexes. price>
R-C-1304 IWP-L6 CAS:1427782-89-5 IWP-L6,also known as PORCN Inhibitor III and Wnt Pathway Inhibitor XIX,is a potent inhibitor of PORCN(EC50=0.5 nM).Porcupine is a member of the membrane-bound O-acyltransferase family of proteins.It catalyzes the palmitoylation of Wnt proteins,a process required for their secretion and activity. price>
R-C-1331 Isoxazole 9 (ISX-9) CAS:832115-62-5 Isoxazole 9(Isx-9)is a synthetic promotor of adult neurogenesis by triggering neuronal differentiation of adult neural stem/precursor cells(NSPCs).Isoxazole 9(Isx-9)activates multiple pathways including TGF-βinduced epithelial–mesenchymal transition(EMT)signaling,canonical and non-canonical Wnt signaling at different stages of cardiac differentiation. price>