Catalog name Description price
R-C-476 Apixaban CAS:503612-47-3 Apixaban(BMS 562247-01) is a highly selective,reversible inhibitor of Factor Xa with Ki of 0.08 nM and 0.17 nM in human and rabbit,respectively.Apixaban is an anticoagulant for the prevention of venous thromboembolism and venous thromboembolic events. price>
R-C-486 Roflumilast,Daxas cas:162401-32-3 Roflumilast is a selective PDE4 inhibitor with IC50s of 0.7,0.9,0.7,and 0.2 nM for PDE4A1,PDEA4,PDEB1,and PDEB2,respectively,without affecting PDE1,PDE2, PDE3 or PDE5 isoenzymes from various cells. price>
R-C-508 Torcetrapib cas:262352-17-0 Torcetrapib(CP-529414)is a CETP inhibitor with IC50 of 37 nM,elevates HDL-C and reduces nonHDL-C in plasma. price>
R-C-519 JTT-705 (Dalcetrapib) cas:211513-37-0 JTT-705(Dalcetrapib) is a CETP inhibitor.Inhibition of CETP is a target to increase HDL-cholesterol and potentially reduce atherosclerosis. price>
R-C-528 THIACETAZONE cas:104-06-3 Thiabendazole inhibits the mitochondrial helminth-specific enzyme,fumarate reductase,with anthelminthic property,used as an anthelmintic and fungicide agent. It is a potent inhibitor of cytochrome P450 1A2 (CYP1A2). price>
R-C-533 CB-7598 cas:154229-19-3 Abiraterone(CB-7598) inhibits 17 α-hydroxylase/C17,20 lyase (CYP17A1),an enzyme which is expressed in testicular,adrenal, and prostatic tumor tissues. price>
R-C-534 Abiraterone Acetate(CB7630) cas:154229-18-2 Abiraterone acetate (CB7630) is an oral,potent,selective, and irreversible inhibitor of CYP17A1 with antiandrogen activity.Abiraterone acetate is a prodrug form of Abiraterone (CB7598). price>
R-C-542 Tiplaxtinin (PAI-039) CAS 393105-53-8 Tiplaxtinin(PAI-039)is a selective and orally efficacious inhibitor of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1(PAI-1) with IC50 of 2.7 uM. price>
R-C-543 Dapivirine (TMC120) CAS 244767-67-7 Dapivirine(TMC120) is a non-nucleoside inhibitor for HIV reverse transcriptase with IC50 of 24 nM,inhibits a broad panel of HIV-1 isolates from different classes,inclucing a wide range of NNRTI-resistant isolates. price>
R-C-545 TTP 22 CAS 329907-28-0 TTP 22 is a high affinity,ATP-competitive casein kinase 2(CK2) inhibitor with IC50/Ki of 0.1 uM/40 nM, and shows selectivity >250-fold for CK2 over JNK3,ROCK1, and MET(IC50> 10 uM). price>