Catalog name Description price
R-C-510 A-803467 cas:944261-79-4 A 803467 is a selective blocker of NaV1.8 channels(IC50 values are 8,2450,6740, 7340 and 7380 nM for hNaV1.8,hNaV1.3,hNaV1.7,hNaV1.5 and hNaV1.2 channels respectively). price>
R-C-524 Vonoprazan Fumarate (TAK-438) Vonoprazan Fumarate (TAK-438) is a novel P-CAB(potassium-competitive acid blocker)that reversibly inhibits H+/K+,ATPase with IC50 of 19 nM (pH 6.5), controls gastric acid secretion. price>
R-C-575 Emtricitabine cas:143491-57-0 Emtricitabine is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor(NRTI) with an EC50 of 0.01 µM in PBMC cell.It is an antiviral drug for the treatment of HIV infection. price>
R-C-601 Rabeprazole sodium cas:117976-90-6 Rabeprazole sodium (LY307640 sodium)is a second-generation proton pump inhibitor(PPI)that irreversibly inactivates gastric H+/K+-ATPase.Rabeprazole sodium induces apoptosis.Rabeprazole sodium acts as an uridine nucleoside ribohydrolase(UNH)inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.3 μM.Rabeprazole sodium can be used for the research of gastric ulcerations and gastroesophageal reflux. price>
R-C-603 vx809 cas:936727-05-8 VX-80(Lumacaftor,VRT 826809) acts to correct CFTR mutations common in cystic fibrosis by increasing mutant CFTR (F508del-CFTR)maturation,EC50 of 0.1 μM in fisher rat thyroid cells.  price>
R-C-614 Rostafuroxin(PST2238) cas:156722-18-8 Rostafuroxin(PST 2238),a digitoxigenin derivative,is an orally active and potent Na+,K+-ATPase(ATP1A1)antognist.Rostafuroxin binds specifically to the ATP1A1 extracellular domain and blocks respiratory syncytial virus(RSV)-triggered EGFR Tyr845 phosphorylation.Rostafuroxin has antihypertensive and anti-RSV activity. price>
R-C-654 tariquidar cas:206873-63-4 Tariquidar(XR9576)is a potent and selective noncompetitive inhibitor of P-glycoprotein with Kd of 5.1 nM in CHrB30 cell line,reverses drug resistance in MDR cell Lines.  price>
R-C-744 AZD628 CAS No. : 942436-93-3 AZD-6280 is a selective GABAA(α2/3) receptor modulator,used for treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. price>
R-C-753 CVT-10216 cas:1005334-57-5 CVT-10216 is a highly selective,reversible aldehyde dehydrogenase-2(ALDH-2)inhibitor with an IC50 of 29 nM.CVT-10216 also has inhibitory effect of ALDH-1 with an IC50 of 1.3 μM.CVT-10216 can reduce excessive alcohol drinking in alcohol-preferring rats and exhibit anxiolytic effects. price>
R-C-757 KPT185 cas:133315-73-7 KPT185 is a selective CRM1 inhibitor.KPT-185 significantly inhibits leukemia cell proliferation with IC50 ranging from 100 nM to 500 nM,and induces cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis of AML cell lines and primary AML blasts. price>