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R-R-1104 Licochalcone E CAS No.864232-34-8 Licochalcone E/CAS No.864232-34-8, a flavonoid compound isolated from Glycyrrhiza uralensis, inhibits NF-κB and AP-1 transcriptional activity through the inhibition of AKT and MAPK activation. price>
R-R-1146 CHPG sodium salt CAS No.1303993-73-8 CHPG sodium salt is a selective mGluR5 agonist, and attenuates SO2-induced oxidative stress and inflammation through TSG-6/NF-κB pathway in BV2 microglial cells. CHPG sodium salt protects against traumatic brain injury (TBI) in vitro and in vivo by activation of the ERK and Akt signaling pathways. price>
R-R-1231 a-Lipoic Acid (Standard) CAS No.1077-28-7 α-Lipoic Acid (Standard)/CAS No.1077-28-7 is the analytical standard of α-Lipoic Acid. This product is intended for research and analytical applications. α-Lipoic Acid (Thioctic acid) is an antioxidant, which is an essential cofactor of mitochondrial enzyme complexes. α-Lipoic Acid inhibits NF-κB-dependent HIV-1 LTR activation. α-Lipoic Acid induces endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress-mediated apoptosis in hepatoma cells. α-Lipoic Acid can be used with CPUL1 (HY-151802) to construct the self-assembled nanoaggregate CPUL1-LA NA, which has improved antitumor efficacy than CPUL1. price>
R-R-1232 a-Lipoic Acid-d5 CAS No.1189471-66-6 α-Lipoic Acid-d5/CAS No.1189471-66-6 is the deuterium labeled α-Lipoic Acid. α-Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant, which is an essential cofactor of mitochondrial enzyme complexes. α-Lipoic Acid inhibits NF-κB-dependent HIV-1 LTR activation[1][2][3]. α-Lipoic Acid induces endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress-mediated apoptosis in hepatoma cells. price>
R-R-1233 MnTBAP chloride CAS No.55266-18-7 MnTBAP chloride/CAS No.55266-18-7 is a superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetic and peroxynitrite scavenger. MnTBAP chloride is a manganic porphyrin complex and has anti-oxidative property. MnTBAP chloride mediates anti-inflammatory effects through upregulation of BMPR-II and inhibition of the NFκB signaling. MnTBAP chloride has the potential for the fibrotic response in chronic kidney diseases (CKDs) research. price>
R-R-1234 Curculigoside CAS No.85643-19-2 Curculigoside/CAS No.85643-19-2 is the main saponin in C. orchioide, exerts significant antioxidant, anti-osteoporosis, antidepressant and neuroprotection effects. Curculigoside possesses significant anti-arthritic effects in vivo and in vitro via regulation of the JAK/STAT/NF-κB signaling pathway. price>
R-R-1235 Bezisterim CAS No.1001100-69-1 Bezisterim (HE 3286; NE-3107)/CAS No.1001100-69-1 is a synthetic derivative of a natural anti-inflammatory steroid, β-AET. Bezisterim is an orally active partial NF-κB inhibitor. HE3286 reduces proinflammatory signals, including IL-6 and matrix metallopeptidase 3. Bezisterim freely penetrates the blood brain barrier in mice. Bezisterim can be used for the research of the ulcerative colitis, arthritis, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Bezisterim is a click chemistry reagent, it contains an Alkyne group and can undergo copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAc) with molecules containing Azide groups. price>
R-R-1236 Gliotoxin CAS No.67-99-2 Gliotoxin/CAS No.67-99-2 is a secondary metabolite, the most abundant mycotoxin secreted by A. fumigatus, inhibits the phagocytosis of macrophages and the immune functions of other immune cells . Gliotoxin inhibits inducible NF-κB activity by preventing IκB degradation, which consequently induces host-cell apoptosis. Gliotoxin activates PKA and increases intracellular cAMP concentration; modulates actin cytoskeleton rearrangement to facilitate A. fumigatus internalization into lung epithelial cells. Gliotoxin is a potent NOTCH2 transactivation inhibitor, can effectively induce apoptosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells. price>
R-R-1237 Rhoifolin CAS No.17306-46-6 Rhoifolin/CAS No.17306-46-6 is a flavone glycoside can be isolated from Rhus succedanea. Rhoifolin has anti-diabetic effect acting through enhanced adiponectin secretion, tyrosine phosphorylation of insulin receptor-β and glucose transporter 4 (GLUT 4) translocation. Rhoifolin has an anti-inflammatory action via multi-level regulation of inflammatory mediators. Rhoifolin ameliorates titanium particle-stimulated osteolysis and attenuates osteoclastogenesis via RANKL-induced NF-κB and MAPK pathways. Rhoifolin also has cytotoxic activity against different cancer cell lines. price>
R-R-1238 Esculentoside A CAS No.65497-07-6 Esculentoside A (EsA)/CAS No.65497-07-6, a kind of triterpene saponin isolated from roots of Phytolacca esculenta. Esculentoside A (EsA) possesses anti-inflammatory activity in acute and chronic experimental models, has selective inhibitory activity towards cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). Esculentoside A (EsA) suppresses inflammatory responses in LPS-induced acute lung injury (ALI) through inhibition of the nuclear factor kappa B (NF-ΚB) and mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathways. price>