Catalog name Description price
R-R-1078 Yoda 1 CAS No.448947-81-7 Yoda 1/CAS No.448947-81-7 is a potent and selective Piezo1 agonist. Yoda 1 activates purified Piezo1 channels. Yoda 1 potently inhibits macropinocytosis induced by epidermal growth factor (EGF). Yoda 1 enhances Ca2+ influx followed by activation of the calcium-activated potassium channel KCa3.1 and inhibition of Rac1 activation. price>
R-R-1079 Chrysotoxine CAS No.156951-82-5 Chrysotoxine/CAS No.156951-82-5 is a dual inhibitor of Src/Akt. Chrysotoxine suppresses cancer stem cells (CSCs) phenotypes by down-regulating Src/Akt signaling. Chrysotoxine reduces cell viability and increases apoptosis level in H460 and H23 cells instead of non-tumor cell lines. Chrysotoxine shows rapid excretion and low bioavailability in rats. Chrysotoxine is used in cancer research. price>
R-R-1080 Albanol B CAS No.87084-99-9 Albanol B/CAS No.87084-99-9 is an arylbenzofuran derivative which can be isolated from mulberries. Albanol B inhibits cancer cells proliferation, down-regulates CDK1 expression. Albanol B also induces cell cycle arrest at G2/M and apoptosis. And Albanol B induces mitochondrial ROS production and increases the phosphorylation levels of AKT and ERK1/2. price>
R-R-1081 a-Linolenic acid-d14 α-Linolenic acid-d14/CAS No.1622944-40-4 is the deuterium labeled α-Linolenic acid. α-Linolenic acid, isolated from seed oils, is an essential fatty acid that cannot be synthesized by humans. α-Linolenic acid can affect the process of thrombotic through the modulation of PI3K/Akt signaling. α-Linolenic acid possess the anti-arrhythmic properties and is related to cardiovascular disease and cancer. price>
R-R-1082 AKT-IN-20 CAS No.473382-50-2 AKT-IN-20/CAS No.473382-50-2 is an AKT inhibitor, and can be used for research of cancer. price>
R-R-1083 Dipentyl phthalate CAS No.131-18-0 Dipentyl phthalate/CAS No.131-18-0 is an endocrine-disrupting phthalate plasticizer. Dipentyl phthalate increases AMPK phosphorylation and decreases AKT1 phosphorylation and SIRT1 levels. Dipentyl phthalate reduces adrenocorticotropic hormone levels. Dipentyl phthalate is a testicular toxicant. price>
R-R-1084 Midostaurin-d5 Midostaurin-d5 is a deuterium labeled Midostaurin. Midostaurin is a multi-targeted protein kinase inhibitor which inhibits PKCα/β/γ, Syk, Flk-1, Akt, PKA, c-Kit, c-Fgr, c-Src, FLT3, PDFRβ and VEGFR1/2 with IC50s ranging from 22-500 nM. price>
R-R-1085 25(R,S)-Ruscogenin CAS No.874485-32-2 25(R,S)-Ruscogenin/CAS No.874485-32-2 from ruixi. Ruscogenin suppresses HCC metastasis by reducing the expression of MMP-2, MMP-9, uPA, VEGF and HIF-1α via regulating the PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway. And Ruscogenin alleviates LPS-induced pulmonary endothelial cell apoptosis by su. price>
R-R-1086 DCZ3301 CAS.2136278-38-9 DCZ3301/CAS No.2136278-38-9 is a potent aryl-guanidino inhibitor. DCZ3301 inhibits cell proliferation, induces G2/M cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. DCZ3301 inhibits the activation of the PI3K/AKT pathway by downregulating the protein expression of PI3K and phosphorylation of AKT. DCZ3301 can be used in research of cancer. price>
R-R-1087 (rac)-AG-205 CAS No.442656-02-2 (rac)-AG-205/CAS No.442656-02-2 is a potent inhibitor of progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (Pgrmc1) that induces genes involved in sterol synthesis, including the INSIG1 protein, which forms a complex with PGRMC1. (rac)-AG-205 prevents neuronal resistance to hypoxic ischaemia by blocking NF-kB signalling and activation of the BDNF/PI3K/AKT pathway. price>