Catalog name Description price
R-DZ010 DOTA-Tetrazine DOTA-Tetrazine,DOTA-TZ from ruixi.Dota is a twelve membered tetraazamacrocyclic ligand.Tetrazine is a six membered heterocyclic compound containing four nitrogen atoms.Tetrazine has been used for many years in the fields of total synthesis of natural products, preparation of energetic compounds and metal coordination chemistry. Dota tetrazine can be used as a molecular imaging probe or as a delivery carrier for targeted drugs. price>
R-M-1051 DOTA-tris(tBu)ester,Cas: 137076-54-1 DOTA-tris (t-Bu ester), is a Bifunctional chelator, that can be used in the preparation of gadolinium complexes as MRI blood contrast agents. price>
R-M-1052 DO3AM-acetic acid DO3AM-acetic acid(CAS:913528-04-8) is a dendritic PARACEST contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging, and are highly suitable for pH mapping. price>
R-M-1054 DO3AtBu-N-(2-aminoethyl)ethanamide,cas:173308-19-5 DO3AtBu-N-(2-aminoethyl)ethanamide is a macrocycle DOTA derivative for tumor pretargeting.It can be conjugated to antibodies and also chelate lanthanide ions (Ln3+) in polymer-based bioassays that detect antigens on cell surface. It can also be conjugated with luminescent cyclometalated PtII complex and a DO3A-derived GdIII moiety to yield bimodal imaging agents. price>
R-M-1056 DOTA tris(tBu)ester NHS ester,Cas:819869-77-7 DOTA tris(tBu)ester NHS ester is a Protected DOTA with specific reactivity toward primary amine. price>
R-M-1060 Maleimide-DOTA-GA Maleimide dota GA, which can be applied to peptides and antibiotics labeling. price>
R-M-1061 p-NCS-Bz-DOTA-GA P-ncs-bz-dota-ga can be applied to peptides and antibiotics labeling, and reactivity toward amine functions. price>
R-M-1062 DOTA-GA-Anhydride,Cas: 1375475-53-8 DOTA-GA-Anhydride,Cas: 1375475-53-8 from ruixi.DOTA-GA-Anhydride is a heterobifunctional GD chelate, bifunctional promoters for coupling to bioactive peptides for radioactive labeling. price>
R-M-1066 p-NCS-benzyl-NODA-GA p-NCS-benzyl-NODA-GA is a the bifunctional chelator ,it can applied to Peptides and antibodies labeling. price>
R-R-5579 4,4-(1-Benzyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole-3,5-diyl)dipyridine CAS No.:55391-37-2 4,4-(1-Benzyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole-3,5-diyl)dipyridine/CAS No.:55391-37-2, also known as BTP, is a heterocyclic compound that has gained significant attention in scientific research due to its unique chemical properties. BTP is a bidentate ligand that can form coordination complexes with various metal ions, making it a versatile compound in the field of inorganic chemistry. price>