Catalog name Description price
R-3101 Alkyne-PEG-Alkyne Alkyne-Polyethylene glycol-Alkyne,Alkyne-PEG-Alkyne price>
R-3102 Aldehyde-PEG-Aldehyde Aldehyde-Polyethylene glycol-Aldehyde,Aldehyde-PEG-Aldehyde price>
R-3103 AA-PEG-AA AA-PEG-AA is one type of linear bifunctional PEG carboxylic acid reagents price>
R-3111 VS-PEG-VS Vinyl Sulfone-Polyethylene glycol-Vinyl Sulfone,VS-PEG-VS price>
R-3118 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate Tosylate-Polyethylene glycol-Tosylate,Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate price>
R-3119 CDI-PEG-CDI Carbonyl imidazole-Polyethylene glycol-Carbonyl imidazole,CDI-PEG-CDI price>
R-3120 Hydrazide-PEG-Hydrazide Hydrazide-Polyethylene glycol-hydrazide from RuixiBio Hydrazide-PEG-hydrazide price>
R-3121 Br-PEG-Br Br-Polyethylene glycol-Br price>
R-D-0002 CHO-PEG-CHO Aldehyde -Polyethylene glycol- Aldehyde,CHO-PEG-CHO from ruixi ,Aldeyde PEG is an amine reactive PEG derivative that can be used to modify biomolecules via available amine groups.PEG aldehydes react with amine groups at a pH of from 5.5 to 9.5. Higher pH will result in multiple Pegylation with both terminal and lysine groups. price>
R-D-0003 Acrylates-peg-Acrylates Acrylates-Polyethylene glycol-Acrylates,Acrylates-peg-Acrylates from ruxi Acrylate functionalized polyethylene glycol (PEG Acrylate) is a reactive PEG derivative that can be used to modify proteins, peptides and other materials via available acrylic groups. It is also a polymerizable PEG that can form biocompatible hydrogel. PEGylation can increase solubility and stability and reduce immunogenicity of peptides and proteins price>