Catalog name Description price
R-S-9023 Biotinamidohexanoic acid 3-sulfo-N-hydroxysuccinimide ester sodium salt Biotinamidohexanoic acid 3-sulfo-N-hydroxysuccinimide ester sodium salt,CAS#:127062-22-0 price>
R-C-436 Dapagliflozin(BMS5121458) Dapagliflozin(BMS512148)is a selective,orally active inhibitor of the renal sodium-glucose co-transporter type 2(SGLT2)is in development for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.Dapagliflozin inhibits subtype 2 of SGLT2 which are responsible for at least 90% of the glucose reabsorption in the kidney.Blocking this transporter mechanism causes blood glucose to be eliminated through the urine.In clinical trials,dapagliflozin lowered HbA1c by 0.90 percentage points when added to metformin. price>
R-C-448 NPS-2143 Nps-2143(sb-262470a),an oral active calcium solubilizer,is a selective calcium sensitive receptor(CaSR)antagonist.Nps-2143(sb-262470a)increased the cytosolic Ca2+concentration (IC50=43 nm) by activating Ca2+receptor in HEK 293 cells expressing human Ca2 + receptor. price>
R-C-469 GSK1292263 CAS:1032823-75-8 GSK-1292263 is an orally available GPR119 agonist with pEC50s of 6.9 and 6.7 for human and rat GPR119,respectively. GSK-1292263 can be used for the research of type 2 diabetes mellitus(T2DM).GSK1292263 is a novel GPR119 agonist, showing potential for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. price>
R-C-504 FUB359 cas:184025-18-1 Ciproxifan maleate (FUB 359 maleate) is a potent,selective,orally bioavailable and competitive antagonist of histamine H3-receptor,with an IC50 of 9.2 nM. Ciproxifan maleate displays low apparent affinity at other receptor subtypes. Ciproxifan maleate can be used for the research of aging disorders and Alzheimer disease. price>
R-C-509 Tasosartan cas:145733-36-4 Tasosartan is a long-acting angiotensin II(AngII)receptor antagonist. price>
R-C-516 ARN-509 cas:956104-40-8 ARN-509 is an androgen receptor antagonist with potential antineoplastic activity.ARN-509 binds to AR in target tissues thereby preventing androgen-induced receptor activation and facilitating the formation of inactive complexes that cannot be translocated to the nucleus.This prevents binding to and transcription of AR-responsive genes. price>
R-C-525 Nedocromil  cas:69049-73-6 Nedocromil suppresses the action or formation of multiple mediators,including histamine,leukotriene C4 (LTC4),and prostaglandin D2(PGD2). price>
R-C-544 WZ 811 CAS 55778-02-4 WZ811 is an orally active, highly potent competitive antagonist of CXCR4.WZ811 efficiently inhibits CXCR4/SDF-1(or CXCL12)-mediated modulation of cAMP levels (EC50=1.2 nM) and SDF-1 induced Matrigel invasion in cells (EC50=5.2 nM). price>
R-C-568 CP-945598 cas:686347-12-6 Otenabant(CP-945598) HCl is a potent and selective cannabinoid receptor CB1 antagonist with Ki of 0.7 nM,exhibits 10,000-fold greater selectivity against human CB2 receptor.  price>