• Amine (NH2) PEGs

    Amine (NH2) PEGs include Methoxy PEG NH2,Acid PEG Amine,Folate PEG amine,Bis amine PEG,amine PEG thiol,NH2-PEG-Galactose,NH2-PEG-Alkyne,this reagent can be coupled with a variety of activated esters and EDC-activated carboxylic groups

  • (COOH) PEGs

    Carbonyl (COOH) PEGs include Methoxy PEG COOH,Bis Carbonyl PEG,Acid-PEG-N3, COOH-PEG-MAL,Folic acid-PEG-COOH,Biotin-PEG-COOH,Alkyne-PEG-COOH,CHO- PEG-COOH, Molecular weight of polyethylene glycol:350/550/750/1000/2000/3400/5000 /10000 Da

  • N-hydroxysuccinimide(NHS) PEGs

    N-hydroxysuccinimide(NHS) PEGs are amine reactive PEGs include Methoxy PEG NHS,NHS-PEG-MAL,NHS-PEG-N3,FA-PEG-NHS,HO-PEG-NHS,Alkyne-PEG-NHS, Molecular weight of our amine reactive PEGs ranges from 350 to 40 kDa.These PEG derivatives have very narrow molecular weight distribution and high purity.

  • Maleimides (MAL) PEGs

    Maleimides (MAL) PEG is a reactive polymer which selectively couples with thiol groups, Maleimides (MAL) PEGs including maleimide PEG, iodoacetyl PEG, vinyl sulfone PEG, and dithiol PEGs such as pyridyldithiol PEG derivatives.

  • Thiols (SH) PEGs

    We provides a number of Maleimides reactive PEG derivatives,Thiols (SH) PEGs, It include Methoxy PEG Thiol,Bis Thiols PEG,Biotin-PEG-SH,Folate-PEG-SH

  • Biotin (Bio) PEGs

    Biotin functionalized polyethylene glycol (PEG-Biotin) is an avidin or streptavidin binding PEG derivative.Biotin (Bio) PEGs include Biotin-PEG-NH2,Biotin-PEG-MAL,Bio-PEG-N3, Biotin-PEG-Folate and Bis Biotin PEG

  • Hydroxyls (OH) PEGs

    Hydroxyls (OH) PEGs include HO-PEG-COOH,HO-PEG-NHS,HO-PEG-NH2,HO-PEG-N 3,HO-PEG-SH,it can be used to modify proteins, peptides and other,

  • (FMOC, tBOC) PEGs

    Tert-butyloxycarbonyl (Boc) protection group can be removed by treatment with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA),The 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (Fmoc) group can be removed by treatment with piperidine to release a free amine

  • Thioketal(TK) PEGS

    Thioketal(TK) PEGS include mPEG2K-TK-OH,cRGD-PEG5K-TK-NH2 etc. In ROS environment, the chemical bond of keto mercaptan breaks, forming ketone and mercaptan, realizing drug release.These reagents has ROS response characteristics, so as to realize the drug delivery system.

  • (4 arm) (8 arm) PEGs

    Ruixibio provides high quality activated multi-arm polyethylene glycol derivatives (PEGs) with high purity and low polydispersity.,including 4 arm PEGs,and 8 arm PEGs. These multiarmed PEG derivatives can also be made with multiple functionalities with NHS, maleimide, Biotin, azide, amines and many other functions.

  • Silane (SIL) PEGs

    Silane PEG is a surface reactive PEG derivative that can be used to modify glass, silica and other surfaces via the reaction between hydroxyl group and ethoxyl/methoxyl silane, Silane (SIL) PEGs include Silane-PEG-NHS,Silane-PEG-MAL,Silane-PEG-NH2.

  • (OPSS) PEGs

    Orthopyridyl disulfide functionalized polyethylene glycol include OPSS-PEG-NHS,OPSS- PEG-MAL,OPSS-PEG-NH2,OPSS-PEG-Biotin,OPSS-PEG-COOH,OPSS-PEG-OH

  • Fluorescent PEGs

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent PEGs with high purity and low polydispersity, Fluorescent dyes include rhodamine,FITC,NBD,Cy3, Cy5.0, Cy5.5, and Cy7,These Fluorescent PEG derivatives can also be made functionalities with NHS, maleimide, Biotin, azide, amines and many other functions.They can be used to label proteins, antibodies, peptides, nucleotides, particles and many other materials.

  • Click PEGs

    Ruixibio provides high quality Copper-free Click Chemistry PEGs,These reagents include DBCO PEG derivatives, Alkyne PEG derivatives and azide PEG derivatives

  • Peptide PEGs

  • Monofunctional PEGs

    A number of Monofunctional PEG derivatives offered from Ruixibio including MAL PEGs, OPSS PEGs, hydrazide PEGs, thiol PEGs, NHS PEGs

  • Homobifunctional PEGs

    A number of Homobifunctional PEG derivatives offered from Ruixibio including amine PEGs, N3 PEGs, hydrazide PEGs, thiol PEGs, NHS PEGs

  • Heterobifunctional PEGs

    A number of Heterobifunctional PEG derivatives offered from Ruixibio including LA PEGs, hydrazide PEGs, amine PEGs, NHS PEGs and Thiol PEGs

  • Custom synthetic PEGs

    We will keep on develop new PEG products of high-tech.

  • Alkyne(ALK)PEGs

    Alkyne (alk) PEG includes methoxyPEG alkyne, acid PEG alkyne, folic acid PEG alkyne, double alkyne PEG, alkyne PEG mercaptan, alkyne PEG galactose, NH2 PEG acetylene, it is widely used in azide-reactive Click Chemistry. The PEG spacer increases the hydrophilicity of these linkers.

  • CHO(cho)PEGs

    The general formula for organic compounds containing aldehydes is R-CHO. That is, two single bonds in carbonyl C = O, one is linked to hydrocarbon (or hydrogen) and the other to hydrogen.

  • Hydrazide (hydrazide)PEGS

    Hydrazide PEG derivatives, are one of aldehyde or ketone reactive PEG derivatives that can react with oxidized polysaccharides or glycoproteins. Reaction between hydrazide PEG and aldehyde/ketone forms a hydrazone bond which can be further reduced by sodium borohydride (NaBH4) to form a more stable linkage. RUIXI BIOTECH Hydrazide PEG derivatives cover a broad range of different functionalities including Hydrazide PEG Biotin, Hydrazide PEG Maleimide, Hydrazide PEG thiol, Hydrazide PEG FlTC, DBCO PEG Hydrazide, and many other PEG hydrazides.

  • Acrylates(acrylates)PEGS

    Acetylthio PEG amine, also called thiolacetate PEG amine, is an amino PEG with protected thiol groups. Acetyl protected thiol group is stable in neutral condition and acetyl group can be deprotected from thiol group under acidic or alkaline conditions. Free thiol group is released upon deprotection of acetylthio. With thiol group protected, remaining functional groups, such as amines, azides, hydrazides, NHS, maleimides, DBCO, etc. can be used to react with other groups.

  • ( Lipoic acid)PEGS

    Lipoic acid (LA), also known as α-lipoic acid and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and thioctic acid is an organosulfur compound derived from caprylic acid (octanoic acid). Ruixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides a variety of derivatives of PEG lipoic acid. Lipoic acid PEG derivatives are customized from Ruixi Biology.

  • Folate(folate)PEGS

    Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin, because chlorofolic acid is a water-soluble vitamin, because the content of green leaves is very rich and named, also known as glutamic acid. Leaves are rich in content and named as glutamic acid. The bioactive form of folic acid is tetrahydrofolic acid.

  • (Small molecule )peg linker

    Ruixi provides high purity derivatives (PEG), including Peg3, peg4, etc. These PEG derivatives can also be synthesized with NHS, maleimide, biotin, azide, amines and other functional groups.