Catalog name Description price
R-R-0004 endo BCN-PEG8-NHS ester The alias of endo BCN-PEG8-NHS ester is endo BCN-polyethylene glycol8-NHS ester. The CAS number of endo BCN-PEG8-NHS ester is 1608140-48-2. endo-BCN-PEG8-NHS ester is a PEG derivative containing an NHS ester group and a BCN group. The NHS ester can be used to label the primary amines (-NH2) of proteins, amine-modified oligonucleotides, and other amine-containing molecules. The BCN group can react with azide-tagged biomolecules. PEG Linkers may be useful in the development of antibody drug conjugates and drug delivery methods. price>
R-1101 mPEG-NHS N-hydroxylsuccinimide (NHS)-polyethylene glycol, mPEG-NHS price>
R-1102 NHS-PEG-NHS Bis NHS functionalized polyethylene glycol (NHS-PEG-NHS) price>
R-1103 NHS-PEG-COOH N-hydroxylsuccinimide (NHS)-polyethylene glycol-Carboxyl, NHS-PEG-COOH price>
R-1104 NHS-PEG-OH N-hydroxylsuccinimide (NHS)-polyethylene glycol-hydroxyl, NHS-PEG-OH price>
R-1106 NHS-PEG-MAL N-hydroxylsuccinimide (NHS)-polyethylene glycol-maleimide, NHS-PEG-MAL price>
R-1107 IA-PEG-NHS Iodoacetyl-polyethylene glycol-N-hydroxylsuccinimide (IA-PEG-NHS) price>
R-1108 VS-PEG-NHS VS-PEG-NHS, Vinylsulfone (VS) functionalized polyethylene glycol (VS PEG) price>
R-1109 Acryloyl-PEG-NHS Acryloyl-polyethylene glycol-N-hydroxylsuccinimide, Acryloyl-PEG-NHS price>
R-1111 Alkyne-PEG-NHS Alkyne-polyethylene glycol-NHS, Alk-PEG-NHS, Alkyne functionalized polyethylene glycol (Alk-PEG-NHS) price>