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R-SD-540-40 SA-coating UCNPS SA-coating UCNPS,streptavidin coating Upconversion nanoparticles from ruixi.Streptavidin has the characteristics of high sensitivity,specificity,high stability and wide application.One streptavidin can bind multiple biotin molecules.Upconversion nanomaterials (ucnps) can convert near-infrared light into visible light through two-photon or multi-photon absorption mechanism, which has unique luminescence characteristics. price>
R-SZ-0002 UCNPS-COOH Carboxylation is a large class of chemical reactions in organic chemistry,which refers to the addition of carboxyl functional groups to substrates,and the reverse reaction is decarboxylation.The long wavelength near-infrared light-emitting materials can be converted into visible light or ultraviolet light with shorter wavelength through photon up conversion process.Rare earth upconversion luminescent material is a kind of luminescent material which can emit visible light under near-infrared light excitation.It can convert long wave radiation into short wave radiation through multi-photon mechanism,so it is called up conversion.Its characteristic is that the photon energy absorbed by the material is lower than that emitted by the material. price>
R-SZ-0001 UCNPS-NH2 upconversion fluorescent nanomaterials have the advantages of high fluorescence intensity,good stability and high detection sensitivity,and show broad application prospects in the fields of biology and medicine.Ruixi can provide such products Amino-functionalized upconverting nanoparticles. price>
R-AS-0003 UCNPS-Biotin Biotin is the carrier of carboxyl group in many carboxylation reactions requiring ATP.The carboxyl group temporarily binds to a nitrogen atom in the biotin bicyclic system,such as in the pyruvate carboxylase catalyzed carboxylation of pyruvate to oxaloacetic acid.Animal lack of biotin causes skin diseases and hair loss.Upconversion nanoparticles have been widely used in biomedical field due to their excellent photostability,including in vitro bioimaging,in vivo bioimaging,biological detection,immunohistochemistry, microarray detection,photodynamic therapy and light controlled drug activation. price>
R-AS-0004 UCNPS-FA Upconversion luminescent nanomaterials (ucnps) have high chemical stability, excellent light stability,narrow band gap emission,strong tissue penetration ability under the excitation of near-infrared laser,no damage to biological tissue,no interference of background fluorescence, has a wide range of applications in biomedicine,such as biological imaging,biological detection, multimodal imaging,cancer photodynamic therapy,and so on Medicine,etc.Folic acid,found in plants,is a B-group vitamin and a water-soluble vitamin. price>
R-SZ-0003 UCNPS-PEG Compared with traditional fluorescent materials,upconversion fluorescent nanoparticles have the following advantages:1) near-infrared light as excitation light source,1) improve its penetration ability in biological tissues;2) reduce the damage of light source to biological samples;3) as the absorption of light in vivo is mainly concentrated in the ultraviolet visible region,so it is less interfered by autofluorescence.These advantages make upconversion fluorescent materials widely used in molecular detection and imaging in vivo. price>
R-SZ-0004 UCNPS-SiO2 The size of nanoparticles and the thickness of silica coating can be customized according to customer needs.The surface coated silica layer makes the nanoparticles have good hydrophilicity and can be directly dispersed in water. The size of nanoparticles can be customized according to customer needs.The product has uniform particle size,high luminous quantum efficiency and good light stability.After surface modification,this series of products can be used for fluorescence imaging, biological detection,photodynamic therapy,and remote release of anticancer drugs and biomolecules. price>
R-SZ-0005 UCNPS-OA The emission wavelengths of oil soluble rare earth doped upconversion fluorescent nanoparticles are red,green and blue,and the particle diameter is 30-60nm. Ruixi can provide such products in the morning. price>
R-AS-0005 UCNPS-PAA Upconversion nanomaterial is a kind of fluorescent nano material,which is excited by low-energy infrared or near-infrared light by doping rare-earth ions, and radiates high-energy visible light.Rare earth doped NaYF4:Yb-ER,Gd upconversion fluorescent nanomaterials are one of the most effective near infrared visible conversion materials known,and have great potential in biological analysis chemistry and biological imaging. price>
R-AS-0006 UCNP-Fe3O4 Fe3O4 nanoparticles are widely used as magnetic recording materials,immobilized enzymes,immunodiagnosis,targeted drugs,catalyst carriers,magnetic microspheres and biological probes. price>