Catalog name Description price
R-GN0X010 Gold Nanorods RuixiBio provides gold nanorod products with high purity and high monodispersity. price>
R-GN80001 Silver shell Gold core nanorod  Gold and silver core-shell nanorods from ruixi.Gold and silver core-shell nanorods are composed of gold and silver coated nanorods,which can be used for photothermal therapy,surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy,drug carriers and so on. price>
R-GN010-DZ PEI-GNRS PEI-Gold nanorods,Polyethylenimine-Gold nanorods from ruixi.Ruixi provides Pei modified gold nanorods with high purity and high monodispersity.Gold nanorods (GNRs) have good optical properties,and their UV absorption and fluorescence spectra are related to the length of gold rods.Its anisotropy and unique spectral characteristics have been widely used in antibody recognition,nano material assembly,cancer cell imaging and DNA analysis. price>
R-M-6004 Gold Nanoparticles-Streptavidin,5nm Streptavidin conjugated gold nanoparticles can be used for secondary detection of biotinylated probes in assays such as immunoblotting, ELISA, light microscopy and electron microscopy applications. Streptavidin gold conjugates can be used for convenient and fast conjugation of any biotinylated ligand such as antibodies and oligonucleotides to the gold surface. price>
R-M1-8228 Gold Nanowires(Diameter 75nm, Length 4000nm) Nano gold wire, with a diameter less than 100 nanometers and a length greater than 5 micrometers. Adjustable particle size.Nano gold wires can improve the conductivity and contractility of heart stents. Currently, heart patches are used by seeding heart cells onto three-dimensional heart stents, which are generally made of synthetic materials or biopolymers such as polyethylene or alginate. The problem is that the conductivity of these materials is poor, which limits the contraction function of the heart patch as a whole. But inserting nanowires into alginate scaffolds allows heart cells growing on the scaffold to respond to electrical stimulation. The results showed that compared to non-metallic scaffolds, the tissue growing on this scaffold was thicker and arranged better. Nanowire technology can be used to manufacture any tissue related to electrical stimulation, including brain tissue and spinal cord. Choosing gold as the wire material is because it has strong conductivity, is easy to weave, and is also a tolerable material for the human body; Moreover, yellow fibers can be stretched long enough to pass through the entire material substrate to support cells, and can also serve as conductive gates. Nano gold wire supplementation can improve myocardial conductivity and has the potential to repair myocardial tissue necrosis caused by heart disease. price>
R-M1-8234 Folic acid -AuNRs Folic acid -AuNRs,Folic acid modified gold nanorods (absorption 808nm) from kamulin.Study of the interaction of folic acid-modified gold nanorods and fibrinogen through microfluidics.GNRs were functionalized with folic acid, a targeting ligand typically used to recognize tumor cells. price>
R-M1-8317 Pd shell Gold core nanorod Pd shell Gold core nanorod,Palladium shell Gold core nanorod is a bimetallic nanostructure material with clear heterophases. price>