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R-R-1396 Guggulsterone CAS No.95975-55-6 Guggulsterone/CAS No.95975-55-6 is a plant sterol derived from the gum resin of the tree Commiphora wightii. Guggulsterone inhibits the growth of a wide variety of tumor cells and induces apoptosis through down regulation of antiapoptotic gene products (IAP1, xIAP, Bfl-1/A1, Bcl-2, cFLIP and survivin), modulation of cell cycle proteins (cyclin D1 and c-Myc), activation of caspases and JNK, inhibition of Akt. Guggulsterone, a farnesoid X receptor (FXR) antagonist, decreases CDCA-induced FXR activation with IC50s of 17 and 15 μM for Z- and E-Guggulsterone, respectively. price>
R-R-1420 Acetylshikonin CAS No.24502-78-1 Acetylshikonin/CAS No.24502-78-1 is an oral active anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-fertility, antibacterial, and neuroprotective agent. Acetylshikonin is a inhibitor of acetylcholinase (AChE) (IC50=34.6 μM) and nonselective cytochrome P450. Acetylshikonin can induce Apoptosis and Autophagy in cancer cells. Acetylshikonin regulates blood glucose, liver fat metabolism, and renal fibrosis, and is used in the study of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy (DN), obesity, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). price>
R-R-1422 PF-543 Citrate CAS No.1415562-83-2 PF-543 Citrate (Sphingosine Kinase 1 Inhibitor II Citrate)/CAS No.1415562-83-2 is a potent, selective, reversible and sphingosine-competitive SPHK1 inhibitor with an IC50 of 2 nM and a Ki of 3.6 nM. PF-543 Citrate is >100-fold selectivity for SPHK1 over SPHK2. PF-543 Citrate is an effective potent inhibitor of sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) formation in whole blood with an IC50 of 26.7 nM. PF-543 Citrate induces apoptosis, necrosis, and autophagy. price>
R-R-1437 Fangchinoline CAS No.436-77-1 Fangchinoline/CAS No.436-77-1 is isolated from Stephania tetrandra with extensive biological activities, such as enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatory sterilization and anti-atherosclerosis. Fangchinoline, a novel HIV-1 inhibitor, inhibits HIV-1 replication by impairing gp160 proteolytic processing. Fangchinoline targets Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and suppresses FAK-mediated signaling pathway in tumor cells which highly expressed FAK. Fangchinoline induces apoptosis and adaptive autophagy in bladder cancer. price>
R-R-1575 Hydroxysafflor yellow A CAS No.78281-02-4 Hydroxysafflor yellow A (Safflomin A)/CAS No.78281-02-4 is a natural product of flavonoids isolated from safflower. Hydroxysafflor yellow A can inhibit cell proliferation and promote apoptosis through the autophagy pathway. Hydroxysafflor yellow A has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antitumor effects. Hydroxysafflor yellow A can be used in the study of cardiovascular disease. price>
R-R-1661 (Rac)-Hesperetin-d3 CAS No.1346605-26-2 (Rac)-Hesperetin-d3/CAS No.1346605-26-2 is the deuterium labeled (Rac)-Hesperetin. (Rac)-Hesperetin is the racemate of Hesperetin. Hesperetin is a natural flavanone, and acts as a potent and broad-spectrum inhibitor against human UGT activity. Hesperetin induces apoptosis via p38 MAPK activation. price>
R-R-1773 (-)-Rasfonin CAS No.303156-68-5 (-)-Rasfonin/CAS No.303156-68-5 is a fungal secondary metabolite and inhibits small G proteins Ras. (-)-Rasfonin induces apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy in ACHN cells (a renal carcinoma cell line). price>
R-R-1775 Gracillin CAS No.19083-00-2 Gracillin/CAS No.19083-00-2 is a steroidal saponin that can be extracted from the roots of the plant and has anti-tumor properties. Gracillin can induce cancer cell apoptosis and autophagy. price>
R-R-1804 Ginsenoside F2 CAS No.62025-49-4 Ginsenoside F2/CAS No.62025-49-4, a metabolite from Ginsenoside Rb1, induces apoptosis accompanied by protective autophagy in breast cancer stem cells. price>
R-R-1805 Graveoline CAS No.485-61-0 Graveoline (Rutamine)/CAS No.485-61-0 is an anti-cancer agent that can trigger apoptosis and autophagy in skin melanoma cells. Graveoline also exhibits antifungal activity. price>