Catalog name Description price
R-PL1227 mPEG-b-PLL mPEG-b-PLL,Methoxy-poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(L-lysine) is a linear amphiphilic block copolymer price>
R-PL7292 mPEG-g-PLL mPEG-g-PLL,Methoxy-poly(ethylene glycol)-graft-poly(L-lysine) is a random graft co-polymer price>
R-PL1228 PLL-b-PEG-b-PLL PLL-b-PEG-b-PLL,poly(L-lysine)-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(L-lysine) is a linear ABA amphiphilic block copolymer price>
R-PL1226 PLL(20)-g[3.5]-PEG(2) poly(L-lysine)20-g[3.5]-poly(ethylene glycol)2 price>
R-20107 PLL4300-PEG2000 modified gold nanoparticles(5nm) poly(L-lysine)-poly(ethylene glycol) modified gold nanoparticles,poly(L-lysine)-poly(ethylene glycol) modified gold nanoparticles from ruixi.Gold nanoparticles have attracted more and more attention due to their unique physical and chemical properties,and have been used as optical probes and biocompatible materials. price>
R-PL1229 PLL-PEG-NH2 PLL-PEG-NH2, Poly(L-lysine)-Poly(ethylene glycol)-Amine price>
R-22311 PLL-ICG RuixiBio provides PLL-ICG with molecular weight ranged from 1,000 Da to 50KDa,Indocyanine Green isa near infrared fluorescent dye Ex/Em: 780nm-800nm price>
R-T-S32 PLL-g-PEG PLL-g-PEG is a random graft co-polymer with a poly(L-lysine) backbone and poly(ethylene glycol) side-chains.The PLL backbone interacts electrostatically with the substrate,while the side-chains extend from the surface to form a densely packed polymeric brush. price>
R-OR-322 Poly-DL-alanine ,CAS: 25281-63-4 Poly-DL-alanine ,CAS: 25281-63-4 Poly-DL-alanine ,CAS: 25281-63-4 from ruixi The Raman spectrum of poly‐DL‐alanine (PDLA) in the solid state is interpreted in terms of the disordered chain conformation, in analogy with the spectrum of mechanically deformed poly‐L‐alanine. The polymer is largely disordered with only a small α‐helical content in the solid state. When PDLA is dissolved in water, the spectra suggest that short α‐helical segments are formed upon dissolution. These helical regions might be stabilized by hydrophobic bonds between side‐chain methyl groups. price>
R-OR-561 PLL(20)-g-PEG(3.4)-BIOTIN Poly lysine(20)-g-polyethylene glycol(3.4)-biotin,Poly lysine(20)-g-polyethylene glycol(3.4)-biotin from ruixi.Pll20 refers to 20 repeat units of PLL, molecular weight of PLL is 2500, peg3.4 refers to 3.4 repeat units of PEG, and molecular weight is 150. price>