Catalog name Description price
R-GNPC0X010 Gold Nanorods-PEG-COOH PEG-COOH coated Gold Nanorods can be used directly in-vivo. price>
R-GNPN0X010 Gold Nanorods-PEG-NH2 gold-nanorods-polyethylene glycol-amine can be used directly in-vivo. price>
R-GNPH0X010 Gold Nanorods-PEG-NHS PEG-NHS coated Gold Nanorods can be used directly in-vivo. price>
R-GNPK0601-X Gold nanorods, AuNRs-PEG-Alkyne Gold nanorods, polyethylene glycol alkyne function, cas7440-57-5 price>
R-GNPS0201-X Gold Nanorods,AuNRs-PEG-SH Gold Nanorods,polyethylene glycol sulfhydryl function,cas7440-57-5 price>
R-GNPM0401-X Gold Nanorods, AuNRs-PEG-MAL Gold Nanorods, polyethylene glycol maleimide function,cas7440-57-5 price>
R-GNPB0301-X Gold nanorods, AuNRs-PEG-Biotin Gold Nanorods, polyethylene glycol biotin function,cas7440-57-5 price>
R-GNPA0201-X Gold nanordos, AuNRs-PEG-Azide Gold nanordos,polyethylene glycol azide function, cas7440-57-5 price>
R-GNPF0201-X Gold nanorods, AuNRs-PEG-FA Gold nanorods, polyethylene glycol folic acid function, cas7440-57-5 price>
R-GNPO02501-X Gold nanorods, AuNRs-PEG-OPSS Gold Nanorods, polyethylene glycol and ortho-pyridyl disulfide function,cas7440-57-5 price>