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R-L-006 Molybdenum disulfide nanoparticle(powder)100-200NM MoS2 Nano (powder) is a nano-compound modified by MoS2. price>
R-ST0102 Silver nanocube,0.1mg/ml Silver nanocube from ruixi.The optical properties of silver nanocubes depend on their size,with the surface plasmon resonance peak of the cubes shifting to longer wavelengths as the nanocube diameter increases.Silver nanocubes have been used for a broad range of applications including plasmonic sensing,metamaterials,catalysis,and bionanotechnology. price>
R-02009 Silica coated Nano Silver (90nm) Silica coated Nano Silver from ruixi.Compared with common metallic silver,nano silver has high surface activity,excellent electrical conductivity and catalytic performance,so it can be used as catalytic material.Ultrafine silica is a kind of inorganic material widely used. It can be used as an important carrier because of its large specific surface area, stable physical and chemical properties, good optical transparency and high mechanical strength.Therefore,nano silver core-shell composite microspheres were prepared by loading nano silver on functional silica microspheres. price>
R-02010 COOH Function Copper sulfide nanoparticle COOH Function Copper sulfide nanoparticle,Carboxyl FunctionCopper sulfide nanoparticle from ruixi.Copper sulfide is an inorganic compound.By modifying RGD, the nanoparticles can specifically target tumor cells; by modifying Tat peptide,nanoparticles entering cancer cells can also effectively target the interior of the nucleus. price>
R-UA650 PAA coated upconversion nanoparticles polyacrylic acid coated upconversion nanoparticles,PAA coated upconversion nanoparticles from ruixi.Due to the near-infrared continuous laser as the excitation source,the conversion nanoparticles have obvious advantages such as deep light penetration depth, no interference of biological scene fluorescence, and no damage to biological tissues, which makes it have a great application prospect in biological imaging.Ruixi is a biotechnology company.Our company focuses on the production and sales of scientific research level drug delivery and drug nano targeting products.At present,our products mainly include synthetic phospholipids,PEG derivatives,block copolymers,nano gold,magnetic nanoparticles,mesoporous silica,reactive fluorescent dyes,fluorescent quantum dots,click chemistry and macrocyclic ligands. price>
R-Z-24 mesoporous silica-coated with Simvastatin MS-coated with Simvastatin,mesoporous silica-coated with Simvastatin from ruixi.Mesoporous silica can carry drugs,such as simvastatin,which can be used to reduce elevated total cholesterol,low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, apolipoprotein B,and triglycerides. price>
R-Z-0668 Galactosylated targeted liposome nanoparticles Galactosylated targeted liposome nanoparticles from ruixi.Galactosylated targeted liposome nanoparticles are targeted nanoliposomes. The advantages of nano carrier preparation are biodegradability, low immunity, diversified formulation, high encapsulation efficiency and good stability.Liposome is a kind of super micro drug preparation which is made by encapsulating drugs in the middle of lipid bilayer. As a drug carrier, it has many advantages, such as targeting drug delivery, prolonging curative effect, avoiding drug resistance, reducing dosage, reducing adverse reactions and changing route of administration. price>
R-Z-0669 PEG-Long circulating liposome nanoparticles PEG-Long circulating liposome nanoparticles,polyethylene glycol-Long circulating liposome nanoparticles from ruixi.Peg long circulating liposome nanoparticles have the characteristics of long circulation, invisibility or stereoscopic stability. It plays an important role in reducing the phagocytosis of drugs by liver macrophages, improving drug targeting, blocking the combination of blood protein components and phospholipids, and prolonging the circulation time in vivo.Among them, long circulating liposomes contain hydrophilic groups, which have passive targeting effect, can be stable in the circulatory system, prolong the half-life and increase the uptake of tumor tissue. price>
R-OR-207 Oleic acid-Bismuth trisul fide 5nm Oleic acid-Bismuth trisul fide (5nm)Oleic acid-Bismuth trisul fide 5nm from ruixiBismuth sulfide nanoparticles(5nm) modified by oleic acid.The chemical formula of Bismith sulfur is Bi₂S₃/Bismuth sulfide is a kind of direct band gap semiconductor material. Nano bismuth sulfide has a wide application prospect in thermoelectricity, photoelectric, hydrogen storage and gas sensing. Xian Ruixi bio provides oleic acid modified bismuth sulfide nanoparticles price>
R-OR-208 Mesoporous silica microsphere coating Nanogoldrods,LSPR808nm Mesoporous silica microsphere coating Nano gold rods(LSPR808nm)Mesoporous silica microsphere coating Nano gold rods,LSPR808nm from ruixi Mesoporous silica coated gold nanorods have been widely used in biomedical field due to their unique optical properties, regular pore size, large specific surface area and easy modification. price>