Catalog name Description price
R-SX02 Silica Nanoparticles Silica Nanoparticles are biocompatible and they can be used for cellular and molecular imaging and detection. price>
R-ZK18005 Hollow silica microspheres (180nm) Hollow silica microspheres (180nm) from ruixi.Hollow silica microspheres with precisely controlled particle size and narrow size distribution,widely used for drug delivery. price>
R-C-2931 FITC modified silica nanoparticles(50nm) FITC modified silica nanoparticles, green fluorescence, particle size 50 nm, dispersed in ultrapure water. 5mg/ml. price>
R-C-2932 Mesoporous silica supported dihydroporphyrin E6 Recent advancements in morphology control and surface functionalization of mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) have enhanced the biocompatibility of these materials with high surface areas and pore volumes. The functionalization of MSNs with organic moieties or other nanostructures brings controlled release and molecular recognition capabilities to these mesoporous materials for drug/gene delivery and sensing applications, respectively. price>
R-C-4991 Dendritic mesoporous silica with amino groups Particle size: 110nm, pore size: 10-15nm The particle size distribution is uniform, with good dispersibility in water and ethanol. The surface is prone to organic functionalization, and has good biocompatibility. It has a high specific surface area, large pore volume, and narrow pore size distribution. It is a two-dimensional hexagonal structure (p6mm), with linear mesoporous channels connected by micropores. The pore size, specific surface area, and pore volume are adjustable. price>
R-C-5311 Mesoporous silica NH2 100nm Amino modified mesoporous silicon dioxide(Mesoporous silica NH2)is a common mesoporous material, which is prepared by hydrolysis Condensation reaction reaction of basic material silicon dioxide and other organic silicon (such as ethoxysilane TEOS or n-butoxysilane BTEOS)as precursor.Mesoporous silica NH2 has been widely used in the biomedical field, such as biosensing,molecular development, catalysis,and drug delivery. price>