Catalog name Description price
R-Z-0081 Folate(FA)-Chitosan-FITC Folate(FA)-Chitosan-FITC,Folic acid-Chitosan-Fluorescein from ruixi.Chitosan-folate was conjugated FITC.Chitosan-folate was conjugated FITC.The chemical modification of chitosan by folic acid can improve the targeting and efficiency of gene transfection. price>
RZ-145 Hyaluronate-SS-PLGA Hyaluronate-SS-PLGA,Hyaluronate-S-S-Poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide) from ruixi.Ruixi is a well-known biotechnology company.RuixiBio provides Hyaluronate-SS-PLGA.Hyaluronate is a natural glycosaminoglycan with good targeting property. Disulfide bond has the Glutathione (GSH) reduction response.Ruixi biotech provides high-quality products, which are customized by Ruixi. price>
RZ-149 Hyaluronate-SS-PLL Hyaluronate-SS-PLL,Hyaluronate-S-S-poly(L-lysine) from ruixi.Ruixi is a well-known biotechnology company.Hyaluronate-SS-PLL is a kind of linear polymer linked by disulfide bond of hyaluronic acid. We provide a variety of high quality products such as hyaluronic acid disulfide polylactic acid and hyaluronic acid disulfide phospholipid.Poly(L-lysine) is a kind of antibacterial polypeptide, which can be used to promote cell adherent growth. price>
RZ-150 Hyaluronate-SS-DOX Hyaluronate-S-S-doxorubicin,Hyaluronate-SS-DOX from ruixi.Ruixi is a well-known biotechnology company.Hyaluronate-SS-DOX is a doxorubicin linked by a disulfide bond of hyaluronic acid.We provide a variety of high-quality products,such as hyaluronic acid disulfide bond polycaprolactone,hyaluronic acid disulfide bond polylysine. price>
R-HF-001 Hyaluronate-Fluorescein RuixiBio provides Hyaluronate-Fluorescein (HA-FITC),Fluorescein (FITC) labeled Hyaluronate price>
R-HF-002 Rhodamine-Hyaluronate RuixiBio provides Hyaluronate-Rhodamine (HA-RB) price>
R-HF-004 Hyaluronate-MAL RuixiBio provides Maleimide functionalized Hyaluronate(HA-MAL) price>
R-HF-006 Hyaluronate-NHS RuixiBio provides NHS functionalized Hyaluronate(HA-NHS) price>
R-HF-009 CY3-Hyaluronate RuixiBio provides CY3-Hyaluronate(Cyanine3-HA) price>
R-HF-010 CY5-Hyaluronate RuixiBio provides CY5-Hyaluronate(Cyanine5-HA) price>