Catalog name Description price
R-H-0254 Tosyl-β-cyclodextrin mono-(6-p-toluenesulfonyl)-β-cyclodextrin,Ts-β-CD,CAS 67217-55-4 price>
R-H-0255 Cyclodextrin-β-Thiol Cyclodextrin-β-Thiol, CD-β-SH can soluble in water (DMF) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) price>
R-H-0256 Amino-β-cyclodextrin Amino-β-cyclodextrin,CD-β-NH2 can be protonated under neutral or acidic pH, and has good composite ability with negatively charged guest molecules price>
R-H-0257 Ethylenediamine-β-cyclodextrin Ethylenediamine-β-cyclodextrin, ethylenediamine cyclodextrin price>
R-H-0259 Azide-β-cyclodextrin Azide-β-cyclodextrin,Azide betacyclodextrin containing azido energetic active functional groups price>
R-H-0260 allyl-β-cyclodextrin allyl-cyclodextrin, allyl-CD,the introduction of allyl gave cyclodextrin with a double bond functional group price>
R-H-0261 Oligo(lactic acid)-β-Cyclodextrin Oligo(lactic acid)-β-Cyclodextrin, It can be used to improve the water solubility of insoluble drugs price>
R-HC-001 Cucurbit[5]uril hydrate Cucurbit[5]uril hydrate CAS# 259886-49-2 price>
R-HC-002 Cucurbit[6]uril hydrate Cucurbit[6]uril hydrate CAS 80262-44-8 price>
R-HC-003 Cucurbit[7]uril hydrate Cucurbit[7]uril hydrate CAS 259886-50-5 price>