Catalog name Description price
R-SSX-SiO2 Mesoporous silica microspheres,Thiol Functional Mesoporous silica microspheres,Thiol Functional price>
R-SG-89541 Dendritic porous silica nanoparticles (Particle size 110nm, aperture 15nm) The new product launched by ruixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is dendritic mesoporous silica with a diameter of 110 nm and a diameter of 10-15 nm. It can be used as a carrier of catalytic particles, magnetic particles, quantum dots, drugs, proteins, genes, etc. it is widely used in fluorescence, magnetic guidance, targeted therapy, chemical therapy, photothermal therapy , radiation therapy, catalysis, medicine, gene, protein delivery, biological imaging, sensor and functional coating chromatographic column. price>
R-ZK18005K Hollow silica microspheres with large pore size(180nm) Large pore size hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles, particle size 180nm. The pore size of 6-8nm can be used as a good carrier for fluorescent molecules, chemotherapy drugs, DNA / siRNA, protein and other kinds of object molecules. price>
R-SF50-SiO2 FITC modified silica microspheres (50nm) FITC modified silica microspheres, 25mg/ml in water, for conjugation of proteins, antibodies, oligonucleotides, and other molecules.Ruixi bio can provide other sizes of silica nanoparticles for customers. price>
R-JK10050-D02 Gemcitabine loaded mesoporous silica(100nm) GemC loaded mesoporous silica,Gemcitabine loaded mesoporous silica(100nm) from ruixi.GEMC MSN has stronger antitumor activity than free GEMCAs a new drug carrier, MSN has good biocompatibility, can significantly increase the drug loading of GEMC, control the slow drug release, and significantly improve the antitumor activity of GEMC in vitro and in vivo. price>
R-C-2936 FITC-SiO2(70nm) Green fluorescein FITC labeled mesoporous silica coated magnetic nanoparticles. The large pore size of these products can be used for drug carrier, FITC fluorescent can be used for fluorescence tracking imaging, cell sorting, magnetic targeted hyperthermia, magnetic particle contrast agent, etc. they belong to dual imaging nano materials. price>
R-C-5779 Mesoporous silica encapsulated drug (Requinmod) 50NM Mesoporous silica is a highly structured and ordered nanomaterial with a large number of pores and a high specific surface area. The encapsulation of Risedronate into 50 nanometer sized mesoporous silica can achieve efficient drug transport and controlled release. Mesoporous silica can also provide a certain protective effect to prevent the decomposition and deactivation of drugs. price>
R-C-5842 Modification of PEG/Inhibitor with Mesoporous Silicon Loaded Pichiatron Mesoporous silica is a type of silica material with an ordered pore structure.The diameters of these pores typically range from 2 to 50 nanometers and can be used for drug loading and release.Modification of paclitaxel on mesoporous silica carriers can achieve high drug loading capacity and improve its stability. Mesoporous silica-loaded paclitaxel modified with PEG/inhibitor can achieve efficient loading and targeted delivery of paclitaxel,while reducing the toxic side effects of the drug. price>