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R-M-298 NH2-gold nanoparticles(20nm) NH2-gold nanoparticles(20nm),Amino gold nanoparticles (20nm) from ruixi.Gold nanomaterials, due to their unique surface plasmon effect, photoelectric properties and biocompatibility, have broad application prospects in the fields of biosensor, targeted drug delivery, biological tissue and cell imaging and kinetic therapy. Through surface engineering modification, nanomaterials can effectively improve their luminescent properties, and give them surface Raman enhanced imaging, drug loading, treatment and other functions, so as to realize the integration of biological nanoprobe diagnosis and treatment. price>
R-M1-cs8865 Ni@Au Core-shell nanoparticles Ni@Au core-shell nanoparticles/ Ni-Au core-shell nanoparticles are nanostructures consisting of a nickel (Ni) core surrounded by a shell of gold (Au). These hybrid nanoparticles combine the properties of both nickel and gold, offering a unique combination of attributes that make them valuable in various applications.The nickel core provides magnetic properties, allowing the nanoparticles to be manipulated using external magnetic fields. This magnetic behavior can be harnessed for applications such as magnetic separation, targeted drug delivery, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents.The gold shell offers several advantageous features, including its biocompatibility, stability, and ease of functionalization with a variety of molecules. As a result, Au-coated nanoparticles are frequently used in biomedical applications, such as targeted drug delivery, photothermal therapy, and bioimaging. price>
R-M1-9029 Gold nanoparticle(Bony),±60nm Gold nanoparticles are a type of nanoparticle composed of gold atoms.They are often referred to as "bonynanoparticles due to their golden, bone-like appearance.These nanoparticles have unique optical,electronic and catalytic properties, making them useful in a wide range of applications including in medical diagnostics,drug delivery,and as contrast agents in imaging. They are also used in electronics, catalysts, and for sensing applications. price>
R-M1-8090 MgAI-LDHs It was reported that the simultaneous application of MgAI-LDH as a filler and as a crosslinking agent in XNBR provides not only environmentally friendly, zinc-oxide free product but also ionic elastomer composite with improved mechanical, barrier and transparent properties. price>
R-M1-8091 Nano-Pt Nanometer Platinum is a platinum modified nanomaterial, which can be used in drug delivery and other fields. price>
R-M1-8152 BaTiO3 nanorod BaTiO3 nanorod (NR), compared with nanoparticles, the rod morphology more efficiently promoted asymmetry in the fiber during fabrication.This study provides new insights for the practical mass production and utilization of high-performance piezoelectric nanogenerators. price>
R-M1-8165 Ni-NTA-Nanogold,5 nm 5 nm Ni-NTA-Nanogold® provides new features, improved performance, and extends NTA-Ni(II) targeting technology to larger gold size.Ni-NTA-Nanogold is designed for detection or localization of polyhistidine (his) -tagged fusion proteins using electron microscopy, light microscopy or blotting. price>
R-M1-8166 1.8nm Ni-NTA-Nanogold Ni-NTA-Nanogold is designed for detection or localization of polyhistidine (his) -tagged fusion proteins using electron microscopy, light microscopy or blotting. price>
R-M1-8595 Maltose-Gold nano(100nm) AuNP:100nm(Maltose)/Au@Maltose NPs,100nm/Maltose-Gold nano(100nm),Maltose modified gold nanoparticles(100nm),the modification of gold nanoparticles with maltose can be used targeted drug delivery(Maltose-modified gold nanoparticles can be used as carriers for drug molecules. The maltose moiety can interact with maltose-binding receptors on specific cells, facilitating targeted delivery and uptake of the drug), Biosensing(The maltose modification on gold nanoparticles can be utilized in biosensor applications. The interaction between the maltose and its corresponding receptor can be used to detect or quantify the presence of specific molecules or analytes),Imaging(Maltose-modified gold nanoparticles can be employed as contrast agents in imaging techniques such as microscopy or imaging modalities like photoacoustic imaging. The maltose modification provides specificity and enhances the nanoparticles retention in specific tissues or cells, improving imaging resolution). price>