Catalog name Description price
R-BD-001 Azo-Bodipy 685 Azo-Bodipy 685 price>
R-BD-002 Azo-Bodipy 685 COOH Azo-Bodipy 685 COOH, Azo-Bodipy 685 carboxylic acid price>
R-BD-003 Sulfo-Azo-Bodipy 685 COOH Sulfo-Azo-Bodipy 685 COOH, Sulfo-Azo-Bodipy 685 carboxylic acid price>
R-BD-004 Azo-Bodipy 685 NHS ester Ruixibiotech can provide Azo-Bodipy 685 NHS ester price>
R-BD-005 PEG-Azo-Bodipy 685 NHS ester Ruixibiotech can provide PEG-Azo-Bodipy 685 NHS ester price>
R-BD-006 Azo-Bodipy 685 NH2 Azo-Bodipy 685 NH2, Azo-Bodipy 685 amine price>
R-BD-007 PEG-Azo-Bodipy 685 NH2 Ruixibiotech can provide PEG-Azo-Bodipy 685 Amine price>
R-BD-008 Azo-Bodipy 685 alkyne Ruixibiotech can provide Azo-Bodipy 685 alkyne price>
R-L-020 TRI-PXZ-TRZ New tribranched donor-π-receptor chromophore Tribenzoxazine-2,4,6-triphenyl-1,3,5-triazine,Tri-PXZ-TRZ from ruixi.Photophysical properties of intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) of a novel tri-branched donor -π- receptor chromophore tribenzoxazine-2,4,6-triphenyl-1,3,5-triazine (tri-PXZ-TRZ) with thermal activation delayed fluorescence characteristics. price>
R-BD-1324 BDP R6G carboxylic acid BDP R6G carboxylic acid,BODIPY R6G carboxylic acid from ruixi. BODIPY fluorescent dyes have the advantages of high fluorescence quantum efficiency, good light stability, high molar extinction coefficient and insensitive to pH. The fluorescent probe was obtained by connecting with the functional groups of azide, alkyne, dbco, s-tetrazine. Conventional BODIPY fluorescent dyes are excited and emission wavelengths are between 500-650nm. Remix can provide not only the wavelength between 500-600nm, but also the near-infrared band BDP between 650-800nm. price>