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R-TSC-002 Di-8-ANEPPS Di-8-ANEPPS from ruixi.Di-8-ANEPPS is one of the membrane potential dyes. These dyes show weak fluorescence in aqueous medium and become strong fluorescence when combined with lipophilic environment (such as membrane). The variation of the surrounding electric field indicates a membrane potential dependent shift in the excitation spectrum, which allows the use of excitation ratio measurements to quantify membrane potential.By using a potential fluorescent dye, such as di-8-ANEPPS, the change of ΔΦ on cell membrane can be observed and its value can be measured noninvasively. When di-8-ANEPPS binds to the membrane lipid bilayer, the change of fluorescence intensity is proportional to the change of ΔΦ. price>
R-M-7005 C6 NBD dihydro Ceramide C6 NBD ceramide is a membrane-permeable fluorescent ceramide derivative. C6 NBD ceramide has been used as a fluorescent substrate for UDP-glucose:ceramide glucosyltransferase1 and to demonstrate the translocation of glucocerebroside and sphingomyelin from the Golgi to the plasma membrane. price>
R-M-7006 C12 NBD Ceramide C12 NBD ceramide is a long-chain fluorescent ceramide derivative. It is hydrolyzed efficiently by alkaline ceramidase from P. aeruginosa and by neutral ceramidase from mouse liver, and can be used for the measurement of alkaline and neutral ceramidase activity. price>
R-M-7007 C12 NBD dihydro Ceramide C12 NBD dihydro ceramide is a fluorescent ceramide derivative, which can be used as a fluorogenic substrate for the measurement of alkaline and neutral ceramidase activity from a variety of sources. C12 NBD dihydro ceramide may exhibit reduced activity in ceramidase assays compared to C-12 NBD ceramide, for its saturated bond in the C4-C5 position of the sphingosine backbone. price>
R-M-3090 Coelenterazine,Cas:55779-48-1 Coelenterazine is a luminescent enzyme substrate for apoaequorin and Renilla luciferase. Coelenterazine is a superoxide anion-sensitive chemiluminescent probe and it can also be used in chemiluminescent detection of peroxynitrite. price>
R-M-4074 FM4-64,cas:162112-35-8  FM4-64, a membrane-selective red fluorescent dye, belongs to the FM family of styrylpyridinium dyes. FM4-64 is widely used to study endocytosis and exocytosis, vesicle trafficking and organelle organization in living animal. price>
R-M-5488 NeurotransGreen C,cas:149838-22-2 Neurotrans green C is a fluorescent nerve terminal dye suitable for monitoring synaptic activity at synapses and neuromuscular junctions. It can be used in membrane potential monitoring, cell tracing and other fields. price>
R-M-5489 Anthocyanidin,cas:523-42-2 Anthocyanidin can be used in membrane potential monitoring, cell tracking and other fields. price>
R-M-5490 O-(4-Nitrophenylphosphoryl) choline,cas:21064-69-7 O-(4-Nitrophenylphosphoryl) choline,4-Nitrophenylphosphorylcholine can be used for the determination of phospholipase C. price>
R-M-5500 6-Dodecanoyl-N,N-dimethyl-2-naphthylamine,cas:74515-25-6 6-Dodecanoyl-N,N-dimethyl-2-naphthylamine is a fluorescent membrane probe.It can be used in membrane potential monitoring, cell tracing and other fields. price>