Catalog name Description price
R-CMBX25 BSA Functional Fe3O4 Microparticles BSA(bull serum albumin) Functional Fe3O4 Microparticles price>
R-CMSX25 Streptavidin Functional Fe3O4 Microparticles Streptavidin Functional Fe3O4 Microspheres are microsphere surface coating with streptavidin . price>
R-CMNX25 Amine Functional Fe3O4 Microparticles Amine Functional Fe3O4 Microspheres can be used to react with carboxyl or NHS esters and etc. price>
R-CMCX25 Carboxyl Function Fe3O4 Microparticles Carboxyl Function Fe3O4 Microspheres are microsphere surface is modified by special polymer, with higher carboxyl content and high hydrophilicity. price>
R-CMX25 Fe3O4 Microparticles price>
R-C-970 Oil soluble nano iron star (particle size below 50nm) Nano iron is the iron formed by the superposition of iron atoms one by one according to the nanometer level(e-9m).There is no difference in physical properties,but the difference is in chemical properties.For example,ordinary iron will not easily burn,but nano iron can spontaneously ignite in the air; ordinary iron has weak corrosion resistance,while nano iron has corrosion resistance. price>