Streptavidin/Fe3O4 Magnetic nanoparticles

Streptavidin/Fe3O4 Magnetic nanoparticles

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Product description

Streptavidin@Fe3O4 Magnetic nanoparticles is a Superparamagnetic coating with streptavidin, Our small sized paramagnetic nanoparticles, with diameter in 10~50 nm, are suitable for fluorescent imaging, cellular and biomolecular labeling and magnetic sensing. 

Appearance Black solution
Concentration 1mg/ml
Size 10nm/20nm/30nm/50nm
Dispersant H2O
TEM Size of particle size, uniform particle size and good dispersion
IR Reactive group and ligand confirm by IR
Resctive group biotin
Storage 4℃
Transportation 4-25℃ temperature for up to 3 weeks
Stability 6 months

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