PEG2000-COOH decorated gold bag Fe3O4

PEG2000-COOH decorated gold bag Fe3O4

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Product description

The electroporation size is about 7-10nm,and the hydrodynamic size(Fe304 core+cladding layer+surface hydration is the diameter)is about 25+5nm.Zeta potential (particle surface potential)-30±5mV,saturation magnetization about 80±10 emu/g iron.It is used for T2 magnetic resonance imaging,anti macrophage phagocytosis, and long circulation in vivo;Targeted nano probes were constructed by carboxy terminated conjugated antibodies for MRI targeted imaging and molecular imaging studies.

Appearance N/A
concentration 5mg/ml
TEM Size of particle size, uniform particle size and good dispersion
Storage 4℃
Transportation 4-25℃temperature for up to 3 weeks
Stability 6 months

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