Europium-Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid

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R-L-046 1mg 260.00
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R-L-046 2mg 450.00
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Product description

Eu-DTPA from ruixi.Amino polycarboxylic acid compounds are used as ligands. According to the chemical properties and structural composition of food additives, and with reference to the DNA/RNA single-chain base sequencing rules, the base or base analogues that can recognize the analyte are selected to modify the ligands. React with metal ions to synthesize a new type of rare earth amino polycarboxylic acid pin complexes, which are used as fluorescent probes to detect certain food additives.

Appearance N/A
Molecular Weight N/A
Purity >90%
Solubility N/A
Storage -20℃, protected from light and moisture
Transportation 4-25℃ temperature for up to 3 weeks
Stability 1 year

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