• Cyanine Dye

    Ruixibio provides high quality Cyanine Dye,purity:95%+,Include Cy3.Cy5,Cy7,these Cyanine Dye can also be made functionalities with NHS,maleimide,azide,amines, Carboxylic,Alkynes.

  • Fluorescent BSA

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent BSA,Include FITC-BSA,TRITC-BSA,Cy3-BSA ,Cy5-BSA,Cy5.5-BSA,Biotin-BSA,thiol-BSA, We also can provides Fluorescent HSA

  • Fluorescent Streptavidin

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent Streptavidin,Include FITC-Streptavidin,TRITC- Streptavidin,Cy3-SA,Cy5-SA, Cy5.5-Streptavidin,Biotin-Streptavidin,thiol-Streptavidin.We Also can provides Fluorescent avidin.

  • Fluorescent Concanavalin A

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent Concanavalin A,Include FITC-Concanavalin A, TRITC-Con A,Cy3-Con A,Cy5-Concanavalin A,Cy5.5-Concanavalin A,Biotin-Con A,thiol- Concanavalin A

  • Fluorescent Dextran

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent Dextran Include FITC-Dextran,TRITC-Dextran,Cy3-Dextran,Cy5-Dextran,Cy7-Dextran,Biotin-Dextran,thiol-Dextran

  • Fluorescent Alginate

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent Alginate Include FITC/TRITC/CY3/CY5/CY7/ ICG/NH2/MAL/NHS/Biotin/SH

  • Fluorescein Hyaluronate

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent Hyaluronate Include FITC/TRITC/CY3/CY5/CY7/ ICG/NH2/MAL/NHS/Biotin/SH/PEG

  • Fluorescent Chitosan

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent Chitosan Include FITC/TRITC/CY3/CY5/CY7/ ICG/NH2/MAL/NHS/Biotin/SH

  • Bodipy

    Ruixibio provides high quality Azo-Bodipy Dyes, they have Hydrophilicity and hydrophobic, these Azo-Bodipy Dyes can also be made functionalities with NHS, maleimide, azide, amine, Carboxylic, Alkyne, Thiol. Their fluorescence wavelengths can be from 460nm to 800nm.

  • Other Fluorescent Dyes

    Ruixibio provides high quality Fluorescent dyes, purity:95%+

  • Coumarin

    Ruixibiotech can provide hydrophilic or hydrophobic coumarin fluorescent dye, and can provide two photon coumarin products, for example, excitation wavelength 750-800nm and emission wavelength of 500-650nm, we can also provide a variety of active groups of modified coumarin dyes.

  • Fluorescent Labeled Molecule

    Ruixibio can select these fluorescent dyes (such as FITC, ICG, Cy3, cy3.5, Cy5, cy5.5, cy7, cy7.5 and Rhodamine B) to label proteins, small molecules, enzymes, sugars, polypeptides, polymers, etc.We have mastered the technology of these products. In addition to the products listed on our website, we can also customize the products according to the product structure and information you provide.

  • Other Fluor Protein

    Other fluor protein includes protein a protein G transferrin lysozyme, Hylauronic acid, etc

  • PH fluor dyes

    These dyes can be customized as water-soluble dyes and can link different functional groups, such as COOH, NH2, NHS, MAL, N3, ALK, hydrazide and SH. Under the condition of PH, the luminosity of the dyes will change with the change of PH, and the luminosity is strongest at a certain PH value.

  • NIR-II

    Compared with visible light region and near infrared fluorescent area, near infrared area (NIR - II, 1000-1700 nm) fluorescence in the body absorb less scattering and organization, this band since the fluorescence effect is extremely low, sure to deeper tissue penetration depth imaging in the body and the advantages of the higher spatial resolution, NIR - II fluorescence imaging has become a hot direction of biomedical research