Catalog name Description price
R-C-434 Omipalisib (GSK2126458) Omipalisib (GSK2126458)is an orally active and highly selective inhibitor of PI3K with Kis of 0.019 nM/0.13 nM/0.024 nM/0.06 nM and 0.18 nM/0.3 nM for p110α/β/δ/γ,mTORC1/2,respectively.Omipalisib has anti-cancer activity. price>
R-C-453 A-674563 CAS:552325-73-2 A-674563 is an Akt1 inhibitor with Ki of 11 nM in cell-free assays,modest potent to PKA and 30-fold selective for Akt1 over PKC. price>
R-C-455 AS605240 CAS:648450-29-7 AS-605240 selectively inhibits PI3Kγwith IC50 of 8 nM,over 30-fold and 7.5-fold more selective for PI3Kγ than PI3Kδ/β and PI3Kα in cell-free assays, respectively. price>
R-C-457 Gedatolisib(PKI587) CAS:1197160-78-3 Gedatolisib (pf-05212384,pki-587) is a highly effective dual inhibitor of PI3K α,PI3K γ and mTOR.The IC50 of gedatolisib (pf-05212384,pki-587) is 0.4nm,5.4nm and 1.6nm in cell-free experiment,respectively.Pki-587 also showed potency against the most common PI3K mutation, especially h1047r and e545k,with IC50 of 0.6Nm and 0.6Nm,respectively.The inhibitory effect of pf-05212384 on PI3Ks and mtors inhibited the growth of mda-361 and pc3-mm2 cell lines with IC50 of 4 nm and 13.1 nm,respectively. price>
R-C-459 GSK690693 CAS:937174-76-0 Gsk690693 is a pan Akt inhibitor targeting AKT1/2/3.The IC50 of gsk690693 is 2 nm /13nm/9 nm in cell-free analysis.Gsk690693 is also sensitive to pKa,PrKX and PKC isozymes of AGC kinase family.Gsk690693 also inhibited AMPK and dapk3 of CaMK family with IC50 of 50nm and 81nm,respectively. price>
R-C-460 PF-04691502 CAS:1013101-36-4 PF-04691502 (PF4691502) is an ATP-competitive PI3K(α/β/δ/γ)/mTOR dual inhibitor with Ki of 1.8 nM/2.1 nM/1.6 nM/1.9 nM and 16 nM in cell-free assays, little activity against either Vps34, AKT, PDK1,p70S6K,MEK,ERK,p38,or JNK. PF-04691502 induces apoptosis. price>
R-C-462 PP242 CAS:1092351-67-1 Torkinib (PP242) is a selective mTOR inhibitor with IC50 of 8 nM in cell-free assays;targets both mTOR complexes with>10-and 100-fold selectivity for mTOR than PI3Kδ or PI3Kα/β/γ,respectively.Torkinib (PP242) induces mitophagy and apoptosis. price>
R-C-464 YM201636 cas:371942-69-7 YM-201636 is a potent and selective PIKfyve inhibitor with an IC50 of 33 nM. YM-201636 also inhibits p110α with an IC50 of 3.3 μM.YM-201636 inhibits retroviral replic. price>
R-C-466 PI-103 cas:371935-74-9 PI-103 is a multi-targeted PI3K inhibitor for p110α/β/δ/γ with IC50 of 2 nM/3 nM/3 nM/15 nM in cell-free assays,less potent to mTOR/DNA-PK with IC50 of 30 nM/23 nM.PI-103 induces apoptosis in murine T-cell Lymphoma. price>
R-C-467 PKI-402 cas:1173204-81-3 PKI-402 is a potent dual pan-PI3K/mTOR inhibitor targeting PI3Kα/β/γ/δ and mTOR with IC50 of 2 nM/7 nM/16 nM/14 nM and 3 nM,respectively;also potent to PI3Kα mutants E545K and H1047R. price>