Catalog name Description price
R-C-506 Laquinimod cas:248281-84-7 Laquinimod is a potent immunomodulator which prevents neurodegeneration and inflammation in the central nervous system. price>
R-C-607 QNZ (EVP4593) cas:545380-34-5 QNZ(EVP4593)shows strong inhibitory effects on NF-κB transcriptional activation and TNF-αproduction with IC50s of 11 and 7 nM,respectively.QNZ (EVP4593) is a neuroprotective inhibitor of SOC channel. price>
R-C-1097 Omaveloxolone (RTA-408) CAS:1474034-05-3 Omaveloxolone(RTA 408)is an antioxidant inflammation modulator(AIM),which activates Nrf2 and suppresses nitric oxide(NO).Omaveloxolone attenuates osteoclastogenesis by inhibiting STING dependent NF-κb signaling. price>
R-C-1105 LY2409881 CAS:946518-60-1 LY2409881 is a selective inhibitor of IκB kinase β(IKK2;IC50=30 nM).1 It inhibits IKK1 and other common kinases at≥10-fold higher concentrations.1 LY2409881 has been shown to suppress constitutively activated NF-κB and to induce apoptosis in lymphoma cells both in vitro and in preclinical mouse models of B and T cell lymphoma both as a single agent and in combination with histone deacetylase inhibitors. price>
R-C-1283 IKK16 CAS:873225-46-8 IKK-16(IKK Inhibitor VII)is a selective IκB kinase(IKK)inhibitor for IKK-2,IKK complex and IKK-1 with IC50 of 40 nM,70 nM and 200 nM in cell-free assays, respectively.IKK-16 also inhibits LRRK2 Ser935 phosphorylation in cells and LRRK2 kinase activity in vitro with IC50 of 50 nM. price>
R-C-1336 PS-1145 CAS:431898-65-6 PS-1145 is a selective IκB kinase(IKK)inhibitor(IC50100 nM).PS1145 efficiently inhibited both basal and induced NF-kappaB activity in PC cells.PS1145 induced caspase 3/7-dependent apoptosis in PC cells and significantly sensitized PC cells to apoptosis induced by tumor necrosis factor alpha.PS1145 inhibited PC cell proliferation.PS1145 enhances apoptosis in DMBA-induced tumor in male Wistar rats. price>
R-C-1540 TPCA-1 CAS:507475-17-4 TPCA-1 is a potent and selective inhibitor of IKK-2 with IC50 of 17.9 nM. TPCA-1 is an effective inhibitor of STAT3 phosphorylation,DNA binding,and transactivation. price>
R-C-1672 Adelmidrol CAS;1675-66-7 Adelmidrol exerts important anti-inflammatory effects that are partly dependent on PPARγ.Adelmidrol reduces NF-κB translocation,and COX-2 expression. price>
R-C-1808 LY2409881 trihydrochloride CAS:946518-60-1 LY2409881 trihydrochloride is a selective IκB kinase β(IKK2)inhibitor with an IC50 of 30nM. price>
R-C-1816 BAY11-7082 CAS:19542-67-7 BAY 11-7082 is an IκBα phosphorylation and NF-κB inhibitor.BAY 11-7082 selectively and irreversibly inhibits the TNF-α-induced phosphorylation of IκB-α,and decreases NF-κB and expression of adhesion molecules.BAY 11-7082 inhibits ubiquitin-specific protease USP7 and USP21(IC50=0.19,0.96μMrespectively).BAY 11-7082 inhibits gasdermin D(GSDMD)pore formation in liposomes and inflammasome-mediated pyroptosis and IL-1β secretion in human and mouse cells. price>