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R-R-0008 MIL-88A(Fe) CAS:1138446-56-6. The large and interconnected pores in MIL-88A(Fe) make it attractive for gas storage and separation. It can adsorb gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane, which is useful for gas capture and storage applications. The porosity and high surface area of MIL-88A(Fe) provide ample space for gas molecules to bind and be stored. price>
R-L-126 D-Ribose-5-phosphate disodium salt hydrate,cas:18265-46-8 D-Ribose-5-Phosphate Disodium Salt Hydrate is one of numerous organometallic compounds manufactured by American Elements under the trade name AE Organometallics. price>
R-M-294 γ-CD-MOF γ-CD-MOF,γ-cyclodextrin-metal organic framework from ruixi.γ-CD-MOF is a biocompatible drug carrier, and has high antibiotic delivery ability for infection treatment. It has broad application prospects in gas storage and separation, drug delivery, environmental purification and sensing.Among them, γ - cd-mof-k has the added value of easy processing and "green", which makes γ - cd-mof-k a good choice for formaldehyde relative air purification. price>
R-M-295 MOF-525-Co(100nm) MOF-525-Co,metal organic framework-525-cobalt from ruixi.Metal organic framework material (MOF) is a new porous material with regular pore size, high specific surface area and large pore volume. price>
R-M-433 Hypocrellin-MOF-PPMS-PEG2000 Hypocrellin-MOF-PPMS-PEG2000,Hypocrellin-MOF-poly(ω-pentadecalactone-co-N-methyldiethyleneamine-co-sebacate)-PEG2000 from ruixi.Hypocrellin is a perylene quinone pigment peculiar to China. It is the main active component in the ovary of Shiraia bambusicola.As a photosensitizer, the physiological function of hypocrellin mainly embodies the following three aspects: 1) antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; 2) antiviral; 3) anti-tumor. price>
R-M1-8761 Hydroxyapatite@MOF-5,100-300nm Hydroxyapatite@MOF-5,Hydroxyapatite@Metal Organic Framework-5ruixi.MOF-5 is a type of porous crystalline material synthesized from metal ions and organic linkers. MOFs, in general, exhibit high surface areas, tunable porosity, and diverse functionality, making them suitable for various applications.By combining hydroxyapatite nanoparticles with MOF-5, the resulting composite material can potentially harness the beneficial properties of both components. The hydroxyapatite nanoparticles can provide bioactive and bone-regenerative properties, while the MOF-5 framework can offer enhanced porosity, stability, and controlled release properties. price>
R-M1-8772 HOF-DTA HOF-DTA/Hydrogen-bonded organic framework-DTA/HOF-diaminotriazole(DAT)/Hydrogen-bonded organic framework-diaminotriazole have shown promise in various applications, including gas adsorption and storage, selective molecular separations, and heterogeneous catalysis. The tunability of the framework structure and versatile reactivity of diaminotriazole make it an attractive building block for the design of advanced HOF materials with tailored properties to suit specific applications. price>
R-M1-8801 MIL-47(V)-NH2 MIL-47(V)-NH2 is a metal organic framework material (MOF) with functionalized ligands of vanadium (V) metal ions and amino (NH2) functional groups.These materials have attracted significant attention due to their high surface areas, tunable properties, and potential applications in gas storage, catalysis, and drug delivery, among others. price>
R-M1-8059 COOH-MIL-101(Cr)  COOH-MIL-101(Cr),COOH-Materials of Institut Lavoisier-101(chromium) is a kind of gas storage material and adsorption material. It can be used as drug carrier for drug adsorption and sustained release. price>
R-M1-8155 INDEX NAME NOT YET ASSIGNED,CAS: 2369053-64-3 CAS: 2369053-64-3 is an important synthetic intermediate in organic synthesis, Through catalytic asymmetric de aromatization reactions, it is possible to directly construct the skeleton from pyrrole compounds. price>