Catalog name Description price
R-C-1920 JNJ-632 CAS: 1572510-42-9 JNJ-632 is a potent HVV capsid assembly modulator and HBV replication inhibitor with EC50 of 100-200 nM for genotypes A-D.Administration of JNJ-632 in HBV genotype D infected chimeric mice,resulted in a 2.77 log reduction of the HBV DNA viral load. price>
R-C-1965 AB-423 CAS: 1572510-80-5 AB-423 is an inhibitor of HBV capsid assembly,and potent inhibits HBV replication with EC50/EC90 of 0.08-0.27μM/0.33-1.32μM in cells. price>
R-C-1991 Temsavir (BMS-626529) CAS:701213-36-7 BMS-626529 is a potent HIV-1 attachment inhibitor.BMS-663068 is also the phosphonooxymethyl prodrug of BMS-626529 that targets HIV-1 gp120 and prevents its binding to CD4(+)T cells. price>
R-C-2139 ML414(NGI-1) CAS:790702-57-7 NGI-1(ML414)is an aminobenzamide-sulfonamide compound that targets both oligosaccharyltransferase(OST)isoforms and therefore may exhibit antiviral activity against flaviviruses. price>
R-C-2341 Pretomanid (PA-824) CAS:187235-37-6 Pretomanid(PA-824)a bioreductive drug.PA-824 has potent in vitro activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.PA-824 is good activity in in vivo models,as well as its activity against multidrug-resistant M.tuberculosis and against M. tuberculosis isolates in a potentially latent state. price>
R-C-2342 JFD01307SC CAS:51070-56-5 JFD01307SC([(1,1-dioxidotetrahydrothien-3-yl)amino]acetic acid)shows activity against M.tuberculosis with minimum inhibitory concentrations(MICs)in the range of 8 to 16µg/ml.JFD01307SC may targets enzymes involved in glutamine biosynthesis. price>
R-C-2343 Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride CAS:93107-08-5 Ciprofloxacin(CPX,Cetraxal,Ciloxan,Cipro,Bay-09867) hydrochloride,a fluorinated quinolone,is a β-diketone antibiotic with a broad spectrum antibacterial activity.Ciprofloxacin is an inhibitor of bacterial DNA gyrase(a subclass of Type II topoisomerases). price>
R-C-2344 Cefpiramide CAS:70797-11-4 Cefpiramide(Cefpiramide acid,Cefpiramido,Cefpiramidum,WY-44635,SM-1652)is a pseudomonas-active cephalosporin with a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity. price>
R-C-2345 Pleuromutilin CAS:125-65-5 Pleuromutilin(Drosophilin B,Mutilin 14-glycolate),the lead compound for novel antibiotics,inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 50S ribosomal subunit of bacteria. price>
R-C-2346 Rifamycin S CAS:13553-79-2 Rifamycin S,a quinone and an antibiotic against Gram-positive bacteria(including MRSA),is a clinical drug used to treat tuberculosis and leprosy.Rifamycin S generates reactive oxygen species(ROS)and inhibits microsomal lipid peroxidation. price>