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R-C-1828 PS fiber membrane PS is a brittle material.If polystyrene can be fibrosed,it is a way to improve its flexibility.Nanofiber films with good air and moisture permeability were prepared by combining electrospinning technology with the preparation of polystyrene films.The unidirectional moisture conductive composite membrane with the best performance is ps-pu/Pet electrospinning composite membrane modified by CO spinning method.Its unidirectional moisture conductive performance, mechanical properties,acid and alkali resistance and flexibility are the best among the composite membranes obtained by all preparation methods. Test report:provide SEM fiber diameter,Dimer Berlin seems to promote clinical improvement by increasing cognitive function.At the cellular level,dimers seem to have multiple effects and inhibit β-The neurotoxic effect of amyloid protein blocks L-type calcium channel,5 inhibits NMDA glutamate receptor and prevents mitochondrial leakage.e and infrared porosity analysis with the product morphology analysis. price>