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R-M-140 FMOC-TRP-OPFP,cas:86069-87-6 Polypeptides are compounds formed byα- amino acids linked together by peptide bonds and are intermediate products of protein hydrolysis.At present, our peptides include antibody blocking peptides,drug peptides,functional peptides and so on. You can consult if you need. price>
R-M-141 N-Triphenylmethyl-D-asparagine,cas:200192-49-0 N-triphenylmethyl-d-asparagine is a kind of drug peptide.Asparagine can be used for microbial culture, acrylonitrile wastewater treatment and so on. price>
R-M-142 FMOC-ARG(ME,PBF)-OH,cas:1135616-49-7 FMOC-ARG(ME,PBF)-OH is a kind of drug peptide.Nω-Methylation is a widespread post-translational modification of Arg-containing proteins.Arg(Me) can be conveniently introduced during the Fmoc-SPPS of model peptides using this derivative. price>
R-M-143 L-Tryptophan Methyl Ester Hydrochloride(HCl),cas:7524-52-9 L-tryptophan methyl ester hydrochloride (HCl) is one of the drug peptides.Polypeptides are compounds formed by linkingα-amino acids with peptide bonds.They are intermediate products of protein hydrolysis.The compound formed by dehydration and condensation of two amino acid molecules is called dipeptide, and so on.A compound usually formed by dehydration and condensation of 10-100 amino acid molecules is called polypeptide. price>
R-M-144 N-Hydroxysulfosuccinimide sodium salt,cas:106627-54-7 N-Hydroxysulfosuccinimide sodium salt is a hydrophilic ligand for the preparation of active esters, which can be used for crosslinking agents.Used as a protein cross linker Carboxyl containing proteins will form an acyl amino ester using a carbodiimide. The acyl amino ester is primary or secondary amine reactive Sulfonated NHS esters improve a compounds water solubility. price>
R-M-145 Glycyl-L-glutamine monohydrate,cas:13115-71-4 Glycyl-L-glutamine monohydrate,Glycyl-L-glutamine from ruixi.Glycyl-L-glutamine is used as a component in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products. It is also used as an ingredient of cell culture medium and as laboratory reagent.Glycyl-L-glutamine is an odorless crystalline white solid at standard temperature and pressure. Since Glycyl-L-glutamine does not react with water or oxygen, it is not classified as flammable or as an oxidizer or explodes.The substance will not self-ignite. price>
R-M-413 Benzaldehyde-PEG2000-GE11 Peptide GE11 is a small molecule peptide obtained by phage peptide library screening technology,which is composed of 11 amino acids(yhwygytpqnvi).Ge11 can specifically bind to EGFR,and ge11 has no effect on cell growth.The results showed that the liposomes modified with ge11 had high targeting to EGFR.It has been widely used in tumor targeted gene delivery and drug delivery. price>
R-M-663 Antide acetate salt Antide acetate salt,CAS:112568-12-4 from ruixi.Antide (Iturelix) is a potent antagonist of GnRH which shows a high antiovulatory activity and releases negligible histamine. price>
R-M-674 Dynorphin A (1-7) Dynorphin A (1-7),CAS :77101-32-7 from ruixi.It can be used Opioid Research. price>
R-M-675 Dynorphin A (1-8) acetate salt Dynorphin A (1-8) acetate salt,CAS :75790-53-3 from ruixi.It can be used Opioid Research. price>