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R-M-179 Preptin (human) trifluoroacetate salt,CAS :315197-69-4 Preptin is a 34-amino acid peptide hormone, corresponding to Asp⁶⁹-Leu¹⁰² of the proinsulin-like growth factor II E-peptide. It is co-secreted with insulin and amylin from the pancreatic β-cells and is a physiological amplifier of glucose-mediated insulin secretion. It is also anabolic to bone tissue and may contribute to the preservation of bone mass observed in hyperinsulinemic states such as obesity. price>
R-M-180 Preptin (rat) trifluoroacetate salt,CAS : 315197-73-0 Preptin is a 34-amino acid peptide hormone, which is co-secreted with insulin from the pancreatic β-cells in response to glucose stimulation. It is osteogenic in vitro and in vivo and may act in concert with the other β-cell hormones insulin and amylin to stimulate bone formation in hyperinsulinemic states such as obesity. price>
R-M-181 Adropin (34-76) (human, mouse, rat) trifluoroacetate salt, CAS :1802086-30-1 Adropin is a secreted factor involved in energy homeostasis and lipid metabolism. It is encoded by the energy homeostasis associated gene (Enho) and is expressed in liver and brain. In diet-induced obesity (DIO) mice Adropin (34-76) attenuated hepatosteatosis and insulin reistance independently of adiposity or food intake. Additionally, adropin could be a regulator of endothelial function. price>
R-M-153 Insulin B (22-25),CAS: 34367-73-2 Insulin B (22-25),H-Arg-Gly-Phe-Phe-OH is a kind of diabetes peptides.According to data from the International Diabetes Federation,more than 422 million people around the world suffer from diabetes mellitus, a chronic metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia. Diabetes mellitus can be divided into two main types, type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and type 2, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). The absolute lack of insulin, due to destruction of the insulin producing pancreaticβ-cells,is the particular disorder in type 1 diabetes.Type 2 diabetes is mainly characterized by the inability of cells to respond to insulin. The condition affects mostly the cells of muscle and fat tissue, and results in a condition known as “insulin resistance”. price>
R-C-2078 Fmoc-Ser(Ac3GalNAcα)-OH CAS:120173-57-1 Fmoc-Ser(O-α-D-GalNAc(OAc)3)-OH is a drug for cancer. price>
R-M-877 IGF-I (24-41) trifluoroacetate salt IGF-I and IGF-I (24-41) affected somatic and neurobehavioral development of newborn male mice. price>
R-M-937 Leptin (116-130) (human) trifluoroacetate salt Fragment of human leptin, an adipose tissue-derived protein encoded by the obese gene. Leptin has been implicated in the control of food intake, energy expenditure and reproduction. Additional roles in the regulation of immunity, inflammation, and hematopoiesis have been proposed. price>
R-M-938 Leptin (116-130) amide (mouse) acetate salt,CAS :258276-95-8 Leptin (116-130) amide (mouse) acetate salt,CAS :258276-95-8 from ruixi.It can be used in Alzheimer disease, obesity research. price>
R-M-1117 PHI-27 (porcine),CAS: 80458-29-3 Porcine intestinal peptide which belongs to the glucagon-secretin family. It exhibits biological activities similar to vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) and secretin. price>
R-M-1235 TLQP-21 (mouse, rat) trifluoroacetate salt,CAS: 869988-94-3 TLQP-21 (mouse, rat) trifluoroacetate salt,CAS : 869988-94-3 from ruixi.TLQP 21 is a VGF-derived peptide; spans residues 556-576 of the precursor sequence. Protects cerebellar granule cells (CGCs) from serum and potassium deprivation-induced apoptosis. Increases energy expenditure and prevents early phase diet-induced diabetes. price>