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R-M-148 4-Chloro-D-phenylalanine methyl ester hydrochloride,cas:33965-47-8 4-chloro-d-phenylalanine methyl ester hydrochloride (4-Chloro-D-Phe-OMe·HCl) is one of the catalog peptides. We can also provide drug peptides, antibacterial peptides,cell permeability peptides and other peptide products. We can also provide customized products. price>
R-M-284 Hexa-L-tyrosine Hexa-L-tyrosine(CAS:6934-38-9) has been used as a model peptide, e.g., in mass spectrometry. price>
R-M-727 C3a (72-77) (human),CAS : 66157-45-7 C3a (72-77) (human) is a anaphylatoxic peptide,it can induces generation of thromboxane B₂ from guinea pig peritoneal macrophages. price>
R-M-804 Cortistatin-17 (human) trifluoroacetate salt Cortistatin-17 shows structural similarities to somatostatin. The peptide binds to all somatostatin receptor subtypes (SSTR) in a similar way as the rat cortistatin. Its inhibitory effects on forskolin-stimulated cAMP production in chinese hamster ovary cells expressing SSTR2-5 are dose dependent but slightly less efficient than that of somatostatin-14. price>
R-M-809 Biotinyl-CRF (human, rat),CAS : 105883-79-2 Biotinyl-CRF (human, rat),CAS : 105883-79-2 from ruixi. It is a kind of biotinylated peptides, which can be applied to pituitary & hypothalic hormones. price>
R-M-1136 Proadrenomedullin (12-20) (human),CAS:186027-43-0 The proadrenomedullin fragment 12-20 has vasodepressor activity in the rat and cat. Proadrenomedullin (12-20) (PAMP 12-20) was approximately 3-fold less potent than the full-sequence peptide, but the duration of the vasodepressor response to this fragment and to the full-sequence peptide was similar. price>
R-M-1147 Biotinyl-pTH (1-34) (human) trifluoroacetate salt,CAS: 213779-14-7 Biotinyl-pTH (1-34) (human) trifluoroacetate salt ,CAS: 213779-14-7 from ruixi.It is a kind of biotinylated peptides.It can be used in the study of osteoporosis . price>
R-M-1149 Biotinyl-S6 Phosphate Acceptor Peptide trifluoroacetate salt,CAS:1815618-12-2 Biotinyl-S6 Phosphate Acceptor Peptide trifluoroacetate salt,CAS:1815618-12-2 from ruixi.It is a kind of biotinylated peptides. price>
R-M-1245 Biotinyl-VIP (human, mouse, rat) trifluoroacetate salt,CAS:1815618-13-3 Biotinyl-VIP (human, mouse, rat) trifluoroacetate salt ,CAS:1815618-13-3 from ruixi.It is a Biotinylated Peptide,it can be applied to the study of Cardiovascular System & Diseases. price>
R-M-1302 LVV-Hemorphin-7 Peptide Hemorphin-7 binds to the angiotensin IV receptor (AT4R), triggering multiple effects including cellular proliferation and memory enhancement. VV-hemorphins and LVV-hemorphins preferentially interact with delta and kappa receptors. LVV-hemorphin-7 potentiates the activity of bradykinin, causing a decrease in blood pressure. Hemorphins are endogenous peptides belonging to the family of atypical opioid peptides released from hydrolyzed hemoglobin. price>