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R-C-5896 (Tetracarboxyphthalocyaninato)iron (Ⅱ) CAS:93038-52-9 Tetracarboxyl phthalocyanine iron is a phthalocyanine iron compound containing four carboxyl groups. Its chemical structure is connected by a central iron ion (Fe2+) and four phthalocyanine rings, each with a carboxyl group. Tetracarboxylphthalocyanine iron has a layered structure, and the common crystal form is purple crystalline powder. It has extensive applications in the fields of organic synthesis and material chemistry. price>
R-C-6185 Fe304 modified with desulfurization biotin 50nm Desulfurized biotin modified Fe304 refers to iron sulfide(Fe304)materials modified with biotin.Biotin is a member of the vitamin B family,which has the activity of auxiliary enzymes and can bind with specific enzymes to form stable complexes.Biotin modified Fe304 has better biocompatibility and stability,and can interact better with living organisms. price>
R-C-6276 Fe3O4@BiOCl 100-200nm Fe3O4/BiOCl was an effective photocatalyst to degrade the organic dyes. Compared with the conventional core–shell magnetic photocatalysts, such as Fe3O4/TiO2 system which dramatically lost their intrinsically photocatalytic activity due to the introduction of the magnetic core, the as-synthesized Fe3O4/BiOCl reserved as high photocatalytic activity as that of BiOCl. price>
R-C-6277 Fe3O4@BiOBr 100-200nm The combination of BiOBr with Fe3O4 to form high performance catalyst would be quite meaningful.BiOBr@Fe3O4 heterostructure system exhibit superior photocatalytic efficiency as compared to bare BiOBr. price>
R-C-6278 Fe3O4@BiOI 100-200nm The iron(II,III) oxide nanoparticles provide magnetic properties to the composite,allowing for easy separation and recyclability in various applications.Meanwhile, bismuth oxyiodide(BiOI)is known for its photocatalytic and electronic properties, making it suitable for applications such as environmental remediation,wastewater treatment, and other catalytic processes.The combination of magnetic properties from Fe3O4 and the photocatalytic activity from BiOI makes Fe3O4@BiOI a promising material for practical applications. price>