PSF fiber membrane

Polysulfone fiber membrane

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R-C-1827 10cm*10cm 440.00
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Product description

Polysulfone(PSF)is widely used in wastewater treatment membrane materials because of its excellent chemical and thermal stability.PSF fiber membrane with fiber diameter of hundreds to several microns can be obtained by electrospinning technology,and its pore diameter is several microns.PA6/66 has good chemical stability,and the fiber diameter obtained by electrospinning can reach tens of nanometers,The pore size of fiber membrane can reach nano scale.These two kinds of electrospun fiber membranes have potential application prospects in wastewater treatment and dye wastewater treatment
Test report:provide SEM fiber diameter,pore size and infrared porosity analysis with the product morphology analysis.

Size 10cm*10cm
Fiber diameter 500nm
Porosity more than 80%
Aperture 30um
Thickness 100um
Storage -20℃, protected from light and moisture
Transportation 4-25℃ temperature for up to 3 weeks
Stability 2 years

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