PLA fiber membrane


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R-C-1818 10cm*10cm 440.00
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Product description

Nanofiber membranes have the advantages of large specific surface area,high porosity and strong adsorption.Polyacrylonitrile(PAN)nanofibers have excellent adsorption and mechanical properties due to their fine diameter and uniform distribution.At present,the preparation methods of nanofiber membranes include electrospinning and melt spinning.Among them,electrospinning has many advantages,such as simple process and many spinnable polymers,It is one of the main methods to prepare nanofiber materials.

Test report: provide SEM fiber diameter, pore size and infrared porosity analysis with the product morphology analysis.

Size 10cm * 10cm
Fiber diameter 500nm
Porosity more than 80%
Aperture 30um
Thickness 200um
Storage -20℃, protected from light and moisture
Transportation 4-25℃ temperature for up to 3 weeks
Stability 2 years

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