PEO fiber membrane

Polyoxyethylene fiber membrane

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R-C-1824 10cm*10cm 440.00
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Product description

Electrospinning is a special form of electrostatic atomization of polymer fluids.At this time,the substances separated by the atomization are not tiny droplets,but polymer micro jets,which can run for a long distance and finally solidify into fibers.Electrospinning is a special fiber manufacturing process. Polymer solution or melt is jet spun in a strong electric field.We can customize fiber membranes with various pore sizes.
Test report:provide SEM fiber diameter,pore size and infrared porosity analysis with the product morphology analysis.

Size 10cm*10cm
Fiber diameter 500nm
Porosity more than 80%
Aperture 30um
Thickness 200um
Storage -20℃, protected from light and moisture
Transportation 4-25℃ temperature for up to 2 weeks
Stability 2 years

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