GKT137831 CAS:1218942-37-0


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R-C-1140 100mg 425.00
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R-C-1140 200mg 675.00
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R-C-1140 500mg 1150.00
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Product description

GKT137831,a novel pyrazolopyridinedione derivative,a dual inhibitor of NADPH oxidases(NOX)1 and NOX4,reduces inflammation in the ischemic retina by dampening the pro-inflammatory phenotype of retinal immune cells as well as macroglial Müller cells and neurons.GKT137831 may be of significant benefit for patients with systemic sclerosis as studies in experimental models show that the compound may reduce the abnormal growth of connective tissue(fibrosis)and improve survival.GKT-137831 acts as a Nox4 and Nox1 inhibitor((Ki100-150 nM).GKT-137831 attenuates hypoxia-induced pulmonary vascular cell proliferation.Also a potent inhibitor of fibrosis and hepatocyte apoptosis.

GKT137831   CAS:1218942-37-0

Appearance N/A
Molecular Weight N/A
purity >95%
PDI by GPC <1.5
Solubility N/A
Storage -20℃, protected from light and moisture
Transportation 4-25℃ temperature for up to 2 weeks
Stability 1 year

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